MAC Wrestling Recap: Nov. 10th

Updated 11/10/2013

Here is a review of the weekend's MAC Wrestling action.

Bulls Compete At The Oklahoma Gold Invitational
BROCKPORT, NY - The Buffalo wrestling team competed at the Oklahoma Gold Invitational on Saturday, hosted by SUNY Brockport. Select members of the team wrestled against grapplers from Oklahoma, American, Army, Bloomsburg and Brockport. The team finished fourth in the overall competition, earning 95.5 points as a team. 
"We did some good things out there today," stated first year head coach John Stutzman. "I was very pleased with our overall team effort this afternoon. We will take what happened here today and learn from it and get better."
Nick Flannery had the team's best finish of the afternoon, taking home a second place finish at 141 pounds. His only loss came in the finals, to Nick Lester of Oklahoma. Flannery dominated Mark Marchetti of Army in the opening round, 8-4. He recorded a major decision victory, 9-0, in the second round over Dalton Dennis before his semifinal round win over Matt Rappo from Bloomsburg, a 6-4 decision.
Another second place finish for the Bulls came from Tony Lock in the 184 pound weight class. Lock started the afternoon with a strong victory over Stone Druiman from Oklahoma. Lock picked up a major decision, 10-2, in the semifinal round over Austin Wilding from Army before losing in the finals to Ryan Tompkins of Army.
Max Soria continued to prove why he was the second ranked 125 pound wrestler in the MAC on Saturday as he earned a third place finish. Following an opening round loss to Jarrod Patterson from Oklahoma, Soria won three straight matches including a victory over his twin brother, Mike. In the third place match, Soria dominated Sean Boylan from Blomsburg.
Wally Maziarz picked up a fourth place finish in the 165 pound weight class while newcomer Tyler Rill also earned a fourth place finish at 171 pounds. In the third place match, Maziarz was downed by a grappler from Army while Rill was defeated by Mike Dessino from Bloomsburg.
The other Bulls finishing in the top five besides Flannery, Lock, Max Soria, Maziarz and Rill were Mike Soria, Justin Farmer, John Northrup and James Benjamin who all earned fifth place finishes.
The team will now train for the New York State Collegiate Championships, to be held on November 23rd in Ithaca. Buffalo finished fourth at last season's tournament, earning an individual title along the way.
Central Michigan:
Horans' Title Leads Successful Day for Chippewas at MSU Open 
East Lansing, Mich. - The Central Michigan wrestling program opened its 2013-14 campaign Saturday afternoon at the Michigan State Open. Sophomore Zach Horan, moving up a weight class after a redshirt season, highlighted the Chippewas' day by claiming the 141-pound open division. True freshman Colin Heffernan also earned a title by claiming the 149-pound freshman/sophomore division while competing unattached. 
Horan opened his day with a 9-0 major decision over Columbia's Ryan Ponte and after a pair of decisions in the second round and quarterfinal round, a matchup with No. 2 Mitchell Port of Edinboro loomed. The match did not come to fruition however, as Horan advanced to the finals on an injury default by Port. Horan claimed the title with a 12-5 decision over Columbia's Matt Bystol. 
Redshirt freshman Corey Keener made his debut for the Maroon and Gold by claiming a second-place finish in the 125-pound open division, finishing the day with a 4-1 record. 
The Chippewas featured a pair of top-eight finishes in the 133-pound open division as senior Joe Roth finished fourth and junior Tyler Keselring finished seventh. Roth appeared to be well on his way to a finals matchup versus No. 7 A.J. Schopp of Edinboro, but an injury ended his day following a 5-2 decision over Michigan State's Garth Yenter in the quarterfinal round. 
Senior Scott Mattingly bounced back from a first-round loss in the 149-pound open division by winning five-straight matches in the consolation bracket before falling to Eric Roach of Indiana in the fifth-place match, 6-1. 
Junior Mike Ottinger made his debut at 174 pounds with a third-place finish in the open division, defeating Mathew Miller of Navy by decision in the third-place match, 5-4. Ottinger opened the day with three-straight wins, but a loss to Division II national champion Joey Davis in the semifinals prevented a trip to the finals. 
Five unattached true freshman also placed for the Chippewas in the freshman/sophomore division as Kody Azarian finished sixth at 125 pounds, Connor Moynihan placed sixth at 165 pounds, Jordan Ellingwood claimed third at 174 pounds, CJ Brucki took fifth at 174 pounds and Newton Smerchek finished fifth at heavyweight. 
Redshirt freshmen Austin Severn and Jimmy Szep finished third and seventh at 184 and 285 pounds respectively. 
CMU will open its dual season on Friday, Nov. 15 at 7 p.m. versus Utah Valley. 
Corey Keener - 125 Open (2nd place)
First Round: W, tech. fall Jonathan Edwards (Indiana), 19-3
Second Round: W, dec. Tyler Walker (Unattached), 4-3
Quarterfinal: W, dec. Nick Roberts (Ohio State), 3-1
Semifinal: W, dec. Bryden Lazaro (California Baptist), 4-1
Final: L, major dec. Nathan Tomasello (Unattached - Ohio State), 12-4
Chad Deno - 125 Open
First Round: L, dec. Anthony Hawkins (Calumet (Ind.)), 6-0
Consolation First Round: L, Tyler Walker (Unattached), 7-6
Logan Shanks - 125 Open
First Round: L, dec. Ben Sergent (Unattached - Findlay), 9-3
Consolation First Round: W, fall Colton Howell (Lindenwood), 4:56
Consolation Second Round: L, fall Penn Gottfried (Columbia), 2:43
Tyler Keselring - 133 Open (7th/8th place)
First Round: W, fall Novric Reese (Indiana Tech), 1:30
Second Round: W, major dec. Marty Carlson (Notre Dame (Ohio)), 12-2
Quarterfinal: L, dec. Javier Gasca, 3-2
Consolation Quarterfinal: W, major dec. Terry Turner (Michigan State), 12-4
Consolation Semifinal: L, major dec. Connor Schram (Unattached - Stanford), 10-2
Seventh-Place Match: n/a
Joe Roth - 133 Open (4th place)
First Round: W, fall Mike Manuche (Ohio State), 4:19
Second Round: W, major dec. Cody Tow (California Baptist), 11-1
Quarterfinal: W, dec. Garth Yenter (Michigan State), 5-2
Semifinal: L, injury default Colton Rasche (Navy)
Third-Place Match: L, injury default Javier Gasca (Unattached - Michigan)
Zach Horan - 141 Open (Champion)
First Round: W, major dec. Ryan Ponte (Columbia), 9-0
Second Round: W, dec. Joe Locksmith (Navy), 9-5
Quarterfinal: W, dec. Jameson Oster (Unattached - Northwestern), 5-2
Semifinal: W, injury default No. 2 Mitchell Port (Edinboro)
Final: W, dec. Matt Bystol (Columbia), 12-5
Scott Mattingly - 149 Open (6th place)
First Round: L, dec. Neal Molloy (Unattached - Indiana), 7-5
Consolation First Round: W, major dec. Miguel Gallegos (California Baptist), 16-4
Consolation Second Round: W, dec. Mike Shaw (Unattached - Eastern Michigan), 3-2
Consolation Third Round: W, dec. Brent Jorge (Campbell), 4-3
Consolation Quarterfinal: W, dec. Joseph Johnson (Michigan State), 9-7
Consolation Semifinal: W, fall Travis Shaffer (Unattached - Pittsburgh), 2:58
Fifth-Place Match: L, dec. Eric Roach (Indiana), 3-1
Joey Kielbasa - 149 Open
First Round: Bye
Second Round: L, dec. Joseph Johnson (Michigan State), 7-2
Consolation Second Round: W, dec. Tom McVicker (Lake Erie College), 10-4
Consolation Third Round: L, dec. Connor Sutton (Columbia), 7-4
Malcolm Martin - 157 Open
First Round: W, major dec. Travor Hartless (Edinboro), 8-0
Second Round: L, fall Taylor Walsh (Indiana), 2:36
Consolation Second Round: L, major dec. Markus Scheidel (Columbia), 11-3
Dakota Cooley - 157 Open
First Round: L, dec. Alex Gordon (Ohio State), 3-2
Consolation First Round: L, dec. Brady Bersano (California Baptist), 6-0
Nick Becker - 165 Open
First Round: W, fall John Keck (Navy), 4:56
Second Round: W, fall Kafuba Donzon (Indiana Tech), 6:28
Quarterfinal: L, dec. Bo Jordan (Unattached - Ohio State), 8-2
Consolation Quarterfinal: L, dec. Casey Fuller (Unattached - Edinboro), 6-4
Anthony Bill - 165 Open
First Round: L, fall Derek Davison (Unattached - Eastern Michigan), 4:01
Consolation First Round: W, dec. Edward Nuttall (Olivet), 7-3
Consolation Second Round: L, major dec. Sam Bennett (Northern Illinois), 11-0
Mike Ottinger - 174 Open (3rd place)
First Round: W, major dec. Kenneth Tribble (California Baptist), 11-0
Second Round: W, dec. Shane Hughes (Columbia), 9-6
Quarterfinal: W, dec. Nick Kaczanowski (Michigan State), 3-2
Semifinal: L, dec. Joey Davis (Notre Dame (Ohio)), 3-1
Third-Place Match: W, dec. Mathew Miller (Navy), 5-4
Craig Kelliher - 184 Open
First Round: W, dec. Caleb Busson (Northern Illinois), 7-3
Second Round: W, dec. Jeff Holm (Olivet), 3-1
Quarterfinal: L, dec. Phillip Joseph (Eastern Michigan), 7-2
Consolation Quarterfinal: L, dec. Adam Fondale (Columbia), 11-6
Jackson Lewis - 197 Open (7th/8th Place)
First Round: W, major dec. Kyle O'Donnell (Ohio), 17-5
Second Round: W, dec. Parker Settecase (Northern Illinois), 3-1
Quarterfinal: L, dec. Luke Jones (Michigan State), 11-6
Consolation Quarterfinal: W, dec. Paul Yoo (California Baptist), 8-2
Consolation Semifinal: L, fall Brandon Johnson (California Baptist), 0:51
Seventh-Place Match: n/a
Mike Murray - 285 Open 
First Round: L, fall Nick Tavanello (Ohio State), 1:05
Consolation First Round: W, fall Brian Gelter (Lake Erie College), 4:36
Consolation Second Round: L, dec. Colynn Cook (Navy), 5-3
Adam Robinson - 285 Open
First Round: W, fall Jared Merritt (Lake Erie College), 4:31
Second Round: L, dec. Adam Chalfant (Indiana), 6-2
Consolation Second Round: W, fall Jason Pedigo (Manchester), 3:30
Consolation Third Round: L, dec. Colynn Cook (Navy), 3-2
Kody Azarian (Unattached) - 125 Freshman/Sophomore (6th place)
First Round: L, dec. Kyle Gillies (Olivet), 6-4
Consolation First Round: Bye
Consolation Second Round: W, major dec. Alan Mock (Manchester), 11-3
Consolation Third Round: W, dec. Tommy Pawelski (Unattached - Stanford), 5-3
Consolation Quarterfinal: W, dec. Blake Caudill (Unattached - Eastern Michigan), 7-4
Fifth-Place Match: L, fall Britain Carter (Columbia), 4:14
Adam Nichols (Unattached) - 141 Freshman/Sophomore
First Round: L, dec. Christian Olanowski (Unattached - Michigan), 5-3
Consolation First Round: Bye
Consolation Second Round: W, dec. Jared VanVleet (Findlay), 13-6
Consolation Third Round: W, dec. Cody Pae (Unattached - Purdue), 8-5
Consolation Quarterfinal: L, dec. Dylan Kager (Lake Erie College), 9-3
Colin Heffernan (Unattached) - 149 Freshman/Sophomore (Champion)
First Round: Bye
Second Round: W, dec. Stephen Myers (Lindsey Wilson), 2-1
Quarterfinal: W, dec. Jordan Amine (Unattached - Michigan), 3-0
Semifinal: W, fall Mitch Roadruck (Indiana Tech), 6:43
Final: W, dec. Nick Trimble (Unattached - Michigan), 6-4
Connor Moynihan (Unattached) - 165 Freshman/Sophomore (6th place)
First Round: L, dec. Riley McClurg (Unattached - Purdue), 8-4
Consolation First Round: Bye
Consolation Second Round: W, dec. Eric Vanden Bossche (Unattached), 12-7
Consolation Third Round: W, dec. Randy Caris (Unattached - Findlay), 6-4
Consolation Quarterfinal: W, dec. Tyler Hardtke (Notre Dame (Ohio)), 7-6
Consolation Semifinal: W, medical forfeit Mitchel Judkins (Lindsey Wilson)
Fifth-Place Match: L, dec. Jacob Peasley (Lake Erie College), 17-13
Jordan Ellingwood (Unattached) - 174 Freshman/Sophomore (3rd place)
First Round: Bye
Second Round: W, dec. Ernest Battaglia (Unattached - Michigan), 6-1
Quarterfinal: W, dec. Austin Coniker (Columbia), 3-2
Semifinal: L, dec. Nick Mitchell (Edinboro), 6-1
Third-Place Match: W, injury default Jordan Thomas (Unattached - Michigan)
CJ Brucki (Unattached) - 174 Freshman/Sophomore (5th place)
First Round: Bye
Second Round: W, dec. Logan Floor (Manchester), 3-2
Quarterfinal: L, dec. Jordan Thomas (Unattached - Michigan), 3-1
Consolation Quarterfinal: W, dec. Antonio Reynolds (Unattached - Ohio), 7-3
Consolation Semifinal: W, dec. Lj Grayson (Indiana Tech), 8-5
Fifth-Place Match: W, dec. Austin Coniker (Columbia), 4-3 (OT)
Austin Severn - 184 Freshman/Sophomore (3rd place)
First Round: Bye
Quarterfinal: W, dec. Alex Brooke (Lindenwood-Belleville), 2-0
Semifinal: L, dec. Zach Hernandez (Columbia), 4-0
Third-Place Match: W, dec. Ayoola Olapo (Unattached - Michigan), 4-1
Newton Smerchek (Unattached) - 285 Freshman/Sophomore (5th place)
First Round: Bye
Second Round: L, dec. Terrence Cheeks (Edinboro), 9-8
Consolation Second Round: Bye
Consolation Third Round: W, dec. Bryan Snyder (Indianapolis), 6-2
Consolation Quarterfinal: W, dec. Alejardo Reid (Unattached - Olivet), 4-0
Consolation Semifinal: W, dec. Jacob Cochrane (Unattached - Northern), 3-2
Fifth-Place Match: W, fall Garrett Ryan (Unattached), 1:15
Jimmy Szep (Unattached) - 285 Freshman/Sophomore (7th/8th place)
First Round: Bye
Second Round: L, fall Adam Coon (Unattached - Michigan), 6:58
Consolation Second Round: Bye
Consolation Third Round: W, fall Cody Hogston (Findlay), 1:49
Consolation Quarterfinal: W, dec. Forrest Christmann (Edinboro), 4-1
Consolation Semifinal: L, dec. Garrett Ryan (Unattached), 6-1
Seventh-Place Match: n/a
Eastern Michigan:
Joseph Earns Third-Place Finish at MSU Open for Eagles
EAST LANSING, Mich. – The Eastern Michigan University wrestling squad completed its first match of the 2013-14 season, as redshirt-senior Phillip Joseph (Lapeer, Mich.-Lapeer East) led the Eagles with a third-place finish in the 184 lb. weight class.
The freshman/sophomore 165 weight class would turn into a battle between Devan Marry (Hudson, Mich.-Hudson) and Dean Vettese (Rochester, Mich.-Rochester) as they each earned a bye in the first round before winning three-straight to meet in the quarterfinals as unattached wrestlers.  After Vetesse had a bye in the first round he notched a fall over Findlay's John Belcher in 2:57 and claimed a 10-3 decision in the quarterfinals to meet Marry in the semifinals. Vettese clinched a 10-1 major decision over his teammate and went on to win the 165 freshman/sophomore weight class, taking a 6-2 decision over Findlay's Brian Metz in the finals. The Rochester, Mich. native was the only EMU wrestler to take home a first-place finish on the afternoon.
In the freshman/sophomore division of the MSU Open unattached, freshman Blake Caudill (Butler, Pa.-Butler) advanced to the quarterfinals in the 125 lb. weight class earning a 4-2 decision before falling in a decision to Findlay's Schuyler Phillips, 4-0. Freshman Shayne Wireman (Lansing, MIch.-Holt) picked up a third-place finish for the Eagles as he wrestled unattached in the 125 weight class. The Temperance, Mich. native picked up an 8-1 decision in the first round, before defeating Manchester's David Melendez in 35 seconds to earn a fall. In the quarterfinals Wireman found his third victory of the day, defeating Columbia's Britain Carter in a 4-1 decision. A 7-0 decision over Phillips secured the third-place spot for Wireman in his first collegiate tournament.
Redshirt-freshman James Klosz (Parma, Ohio-Holy Name) wou his first three bouts as an unattached wrestler in the 157 lb. weight class, defeating Michigan's Aaron Calderon by an 11-8 deicsion in the second round. Klosz suffered a loss in the semifinals, but picked up a third-place finish in the freshman/sophomore division.
Freshman Rocco Borg (Oxford, Mich.-Oxford), redshirt-freshmen Kyle Lake (Farmington Hills, MIch.-Harrison) and Mitchell Malott (Saginaw, Mich.-Swan Valley) represented the Green and White in the 157 lb. weight class, all as unattached wrestlers, in the freshman/sophomore division as Malott picked up an sixth-place finish. After receiving a bye in the first round, Malott fell in an 8-3 decision to Gabe Stepanovich of Grand Valley before winning four-straight consolation bouts. The Saginaw, Mich. native won his first match by fall in 2:15 before taking a 7-4 decision, a 4-1 decision and a 5-4 decision to earn the sixth-place finish, while Borg earned two wins on the afternoon, picking up a 15-2 major decision over Ty Ethridge in round two of the consolation bracket.
Freshman Austin Geerlings (Kentwood, Mich.-East Kentwood) made it to the seminfinal round as an unattached wrestler at 165, earning two byes and taking a 10-1 major decision in the second round before an 11-4 decision in the third round. Marry faced his second teammate of the afternoon in a bout that would determine the third and fourth-place finishers as Geerlings fell to Findlay's Bradley Metz in the quarterfinals. Geerlings secured a fall over Marry in 6:59 to earn third-place, while Marry took home the fourth-place finish.
After taking a loss in the 125 lb. weight class in the open division, sophomore Alexander Calandrino (Howell, Mich.-Howell) won three-straight in the consolation bracket as an unattached wrestler, including a 16-7 major decision over Olivet's Henry McKeow before falling in the fourth round.
In the open 133 weight class, Jake Byers (Cedar Springs, Mich.-Rockford) earned one win in the consolation bracket with a fall in 2:16, while Vincent Pizzuto (North Jackson, Ohio-Jackson Milton) clinched two wins by decision in the first two rounds before falling in the quarterfinals to Navy's Colton Rasche by decision. The North Jackson, Ohio native would go on to win one bout in the consolation bracket before falling in the consolation semifinals to Michigan State's Garth Yenter by fall.
Unattached redshirt-sophomore Michael Shaw (Bangor, Mich.-Allegan) notched a 2-1 decision in the first round of the 149 lb. weight class, while redshirt-sophomore Derek Davison (LaSalle, Mich.-Monroe) secured two victories as an unattached competitor in the 165 lb. weight class. The LaSalle, Mich. native claimed a fall over Central Michigan's Anthony Bill in the opening round and earned a 12-3 major decision over Lake Erie's Tyler Tesny in the second round of the consolation bracket.
Representing EMU at the 184 lb. weight class, Joseph had a bye in round one before clinching two victories by decision. The redshirt-senior notched a 7-2 decision in the quarterfinals over CMU's Craig Kelliher before falling in the semifinals to Ohio State's Kenny Courts by decision. Phillips went on to clinch a third-place finish in his first tournament of the season for EMU.
"I was happy to finally see our new guys and transfers in action, said Head Coach Derek DelPorto, Vetesse did great today winning his weight class in the freshman/sophomore division. He looked very tough and showed us he is ready to compete at this level.  There were a lot of positive things that came from today, most importantly, everyone stayed healthy.  We solved a few weight class battles and are looking forward to opening up our dual meet schedule at home next weekend."
The Eagles will be back in action on Saturday, Nov. 16 when they return to Ypsilanti to host the EMU Duals and the EMU Open. The matches will run simultaneously as the EMU Duals will be conducted on mats 1-7 and the EMU Open will be on mats 8-14. The event is slated to start at 10 a.m. at Bowen Field House.
133 lbs.
 Vincent Pizzuto (3-2), Eighth-Place
 Vincent Pizzuto (EMU) dec. Luke Welch (Purdue), 15-10
 Vincent Pizzuto (EMU) dec. Angelo DISabato (Ohio), 4-3
 Colton Tasche (Navy) dec. Vincent Pizzuto (EMU), 4-2
 Vincent Pizzuto (EMU) dec. Cody Tow (California Baptist), 9-5
 Garth Yenter fall Vincent Pizzuto (EMU), 6:33
Jake Byers (1-2)
 Javier Gasca (MSU) dec. Jake Byers (EMU), 9-4
 Jake Byers (EMU) fall Brian Johnson (Unattached), 2:16
 Robbie Bidlingmaier (Olivet) fall Jake Byers (EMU), 4:00
149 lbs.
 Seth Schaner (0-2)
 Gage Pederson (Olivet) dec. Seth Schaner (EMU), 10-5
 Thomas Brosnaha (Michigan) dec. Seth Schaner (EMU), 6-1
Mike LeHolm (0-2)
 Brandon Nleson (Purdue) dec. Mike LeHolm (EMU), 2-1
 Mike LeHolm (EMU), bye
 Brent Jorge (Campbell) dec. Mike LeHolm (EMU), 10-4
184 lbs.
 Phillip Joseph (3-1)
 Phillip Joseph (EMU), bye
 Phillip Joseph (EMU) dec. Ville Heino (Campbell), 5-3
 Phillip Joseph (EMU) dec. Craig Keliher (CMU), 7-2
 Kenny Courts (Ohio State) dec. Phillip Joseph (EMU), 4-3
 Phillip Joseph (EMU) inj. John Rizqallah (MSU), 0:00
Anthony Abro (1-2)
 Anthony Abro (EMU), bye
 Anthony Abro (EMU) maj. dec. Shane Rosenberry (NIU), 16-4
 Lucas Sheridan (Indiana) dec. Anthony Abro (EMU), 5-4
 William Miller (Navy) maj. dec. Anthony Abro (EMU), 9-1 
Kent State:
Tiebreaker Makes Difference in No. 8 Virginia Tech's 19-18 Win over Flashes
SALEM, Va.- Sophomore 184-pounder Sam Wheeler went 3-0 Sunday during the Hokie Duals and four other Kent State wrestlers finished 2-1 as the Golden Flashes dropped three duals at the Salem Civic Center.  The Flashes split 10 matches with host Virginia Tech, resulting in an 18-18 tie.  By the NCAA's third criteria tiebreaking rule (most total points scored in decisions), the Hokies received an additional point.
No. 8 Virginia Tech and Kent State each claimed four decisions and one pin in the day's opening dual.  But when heavyweight Ty Walz defeated redshirt freshman Mimmo Lytle 8-4, he gave the Hokies a seven-point edge in the eight matches that resulted in decisions.
Rider then handed the Flashes an 18-14 setback winning 6-of-10 matches, before No. 14 Virginia downed Kent State 29-12.  Rider led 15-14 heading into the final match as Greg Velasco topped Lytle 3-1.
Wheeler's perfect day included a pair of 7-6 victories, while sophomore 133-pounder Mack McGuire, sophomore 157-pounder Ian Miller, junior 174-pounder Caleb Marsh and sophomore Cole Baxter all went 2-1.  Sunday was Baxter's first appearance in a college dual as he defeated Virginia Tech's Chris Penny 7-5 and pinned Virginia's Patrick Gillen in the first period.
McGuire upset No. 17 Eric Spjut (VT) 7-4 and Marsh knocked off No. 19 Austin Gabel (VT) 6-4.  Miller collected a second period pin and a 23-8 tech fall.
The Golden Flashes return to action Saturday, Nov. 16, competing in three duals and the Eastern Michigan Open simultaneously.  Kent State will take on Gardner-Webb, Michigan and Campbellsville.
 Virginia Tech 19 - Kent State 18
 (Tech wins by rule 3.15.3 - 3rd criteria)
 125: Joey Dance (VT) dec. Alfredo Gray, 5-4
 133: Mackenzie McGuire (KS) dec. Erik Spjut, 7-4
 141: Devin Carter (VT) fall Tyler Small, 4:52
 149: Zach Neibert (VT) dec. Michael Depalma, 8-4
 157: Ian Miller (KS) fall Sal Mastriani, 3:44
 165: Chris Moon (VT) dec. Mike Vollant, 6-0
 174: Caleb Marsh (KS) dec. Austin Gabel, 6-4
 184: Sam Wheeler (KS) dec. Nick Vetterlein, 7-6
 197: Cole Baxter (KS) dec. Chris Penny, 7-5
 285: Ty Walz (VT) dec. Mimmo Lytle, 8-4
 Rider 18 - Kent State 14
 125: Rob Deutsch (R) dec. Alfredo Gray, 3-1
 133: Mackenzie McGuire (KS) dec. Chuck Zeisloft, 5-4
 141: Paul Kirchner (R) dec. Tyler Small, 4-0
 149: Curt Delia (R) dec. Michael Depalma, 11-7
 157: Ian Miller (KS) tech fall Wayne Stinson, 23-8
 165: Ramon Santiago (R) dec. Mike Vollant, 5-0
 174: Caleb Marsh (KS) dec. Conner Brennan, 3-1
 184: Sam Wheeler (KS) dec. Clint Morrison, 7-6
 197: Donald McNeill (R) dec. Cole Baxter, 5-3
 285: Greg Velasco (R) dec. Mimmo Lytle, 3-1
 Virginia 29 - Kent State 12
 125: Nick Hermann (VA) dec. Alfredo Gray, 8-6
 133: Joseph Martinez (VA) dec. Mackenzie McGuire, 5-2
 141: Joe Spisak (VA) dec. Tyler Small, 12-10
 149: Gus Sako (VA) maj. dec. Michael Depalma, 10-1
 157: Blaise Butler (VA) dec. Ian Miller, 8-5
 165: Nick Sulzer (VA) maj. dec. Mike Vollant, 18-5
 174: Steven Doty (VA) fall Caleb Marsh, 2:29
 184: Sam Wheeler (KS) wins by forfeit
 197: Cole Baxter (KS) fall Patrick Gillen, 1:45
 285: Ethan Hayes (VA) dec. Mimmo Lytle, 6-1 
Northern Illinois:
NIU Gets Five Placewinners at MSU Open
EAST LANSING, Mich. – The Northern Illinois University wrestling team faced some of the region’s best programs Saturday inside Jenison Fieldhouse, where the Huskies got five placewinners at the MSU Open.
Sophomore Andrew Morse took second place at 157 pounds, while freshman Jordan Northrup won the fresh/soph 133 bracket.
“The field of competition was outstanding and we had some guys perform very well,” said NIU head coach Ryan Ludwig. “(Andrew) Morse, (Tyler) Argue and (Shawn) Scott really got after it and won some key matches today. I think we made strides as a team and the guys can feel it.”
After taking second place last weekend in South Dakota, Northrup continued his impressive redshirt season with two pins and a technical fall in his first three matches, sticking Notre Dame (Ohio)’s Jonas Gaytan and Lindenwood’s Wesley Lancaster before routing Chris Caton of Indiana, 16-1. In the semifinals, the Machesney Park, Ill., native defeated Michigan’s George Fisher, 9-6, before squeaking past Indiana’s Kyle Springer, 6-4, in the finals.
At 157, Morse defeated MAC rival Andrew Romanchik of Ohio, 2-0, before taking a win by injury default over Ohio State’s Randall Languis. In the quarterfinals, Morse tallied a 13-4 major decision against Johnny Greisheimer of Edinboro, then handily defeated Michigan State’s Ryan Watts, 9-2, to punch his ticket into the finals. The sophomore’s day ended when he was pinned by two-time NCAA Championships qualifier Taylor Walsh.
Fellow sophomore Tyler Argue found his way onto the podium with a third place finish at 141. The Mt. Carmel High School product won his first three matches, including a 24-9 tech fall of Ohio’s Jacob Rockloff and a pin of Indiana’s Ethan Raley. After getting pinned in the semifinals by Columbia’s Matt Bystol, Argue capped the day with a win by medical forfeit against Edinboro’s Mitchell Port.
Taking fourth place at 197 pounds was Shawn Scott. He began the day with a 5-0 shutout of Andrew Simpson of Olivet before registering a 13-3 major decision against Michigan State’s Nick McDiarmid to get to the semifinals. However, Scott fell by major decision to Ohio’s Phil Wellington before losing to Michigan State’s Luke Jones in the third-place match.
Despite dropping his first match of the day, Nick Harrison ran off four-straight wins in the wrestlebacks. The native of Stillman Valley, Ill., pinned Kristopher McKinley of Indiana Tech, then got a 9-1 major decision over Calumet College of St. Joseph’s Anthony Hawkins, an injury default win over Notre Dame (Ohio)’s Brian Hauser and an 8-2 decision over Columbia’s Penn Gottfried. In the fifth-place match, Harrison fell to Ohio State’s Nick Roberts to finish sixth.
The Huskies get their first taste of dual action next weekend, when they take on Michigan, Oregon State, Clarion and Findlay at the EMU Duals Nov. 16.
125: Derek Elmore*
Brendan Campbell (Navy) dec. Derek Elmore (NIU), 7-3
Alexander Calandrino (Eastern Michigan) dec. Derek Elmore (NIU), 8-3
125: Nick Harrison – Sixth Place
Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State) maj. dec. Nick Harrison (NIU), 14-3
Nick Harrison (NIU) pins Kristopher McKinley (Indiana Tech), 6:49
Nick Harrison (NIU) maj. dec. Anthony Hawkins (Calumet Coll. Of St. Joseph), 9-1
Nick Harrison (NIU) wins by injury default over Brian Hauser (Notre Dame [Ohio])
Nick Harrison (NIU) dec. Penn Gottfried (Columbia), 8-2
Nick Roberts (Ohio State) maj. dec. Nick Harrison (NIU), 9-0
133: Jordan Northrup^ – First Place
Jordan Northrup (NIU) pins Jonas Gaytan (Notre Dame [Ohio]), 2:19
Jordan Northrup (NIU) pins Wesley Lancaster (Lindenwood), 1:06
Jordan Northrup (NIU) tech. fall Chris Caton (Indiana), 16-1
Jordan Northrup (NIU) dec. George Fisher (Michigan), 9-6
Jordan Northrup (NIU) dec. Kyle Springer (Indiana), 6-4
141: Tyler Argue – Third Place
Tyler Argue (NIU) tech. fall Jacob Rockloff (Ohio), 24-9
Tyler Argue (NIU) dec. Michael Dahlstrom (Campbell), 9-6
Tyler Argue (NIU) pins Ethan Raley (Indiana), 3:42
Matt Bystol (Columbia) pins Tyler Argue (NIU), 1:21
Tyler Argue (NIU) wins by medical forfeit over Mitchell Port (Edinboro)
141: Sal Annoreno^
Sal Annoreno (NIU) maj. dec. Billy Waldeck (Ohio), 8-0
Dylan Kager (Lake Erie) dec. Sal Annoreno (NIU), 10-7
Sal Annoreno (NIU) dec. Recco Samuel (Edinboro), 6-4
Cameron Kennedy (Michigan) dec. Sal Annoreno (NIU), 5-1
149: Mason Cleaver^
Stephen Myers (Lindsey Wilson) maj. dec. Mason Cleaver (NIU), 13-5
Cody VanderHagen (Michigan) dec. Mason Cleaver (NIU), 3-1 (OT)
157: Andrew Morse – Second Place
Andrew Morse (NIU) dec. Andrew Romanchik (Ohio), 2-0
Andrew Morse (NIU) wins by injury forfeit over Randall Languis (Ohio State)
Andrew Morse (NIU) maj. dec. Johnny Greisheimer (Edinboro), 13-4
Andrew Morse (NIU) dec. Ryan Watts (Michigan State), 9-2
Taylor Walsh (Indiana) pins Andrew Morse (NIU), 0:40
157: Matt Smith
Matt Smith (NIU) dec. Zach Baumgartner (Edinboro), 7-2
Spartak Chino (Ohio) dec. Matt Smith (NIU), 9-4
Chad Ryan (Columbia) pins Matt Smith (NIU), 3:39
165: Sam Bennett
Sam Bennett (NIU) maj. dec. James Bennett (Indiana Tech), 10-2
Sam Bennett (NIU) maj. dec. Nathan Hartless (Edinboro), 11-0
Harrison Hightower (Ohio) pins Sam Bennett (NIU), 1:37
Sam Bennett (NIU) maj. dec. Anthony Bill (Central Michigan), 11-0
Troy Reaghard (Pittsburgh) dec. Sam Bennett (NIU), 4-3
174: Billy Chancey
Taylor Massa (Michigan) maj. dec. Billy Chancey (NIU), 11-3
Billy Chancey (NIU) dec. Brandon Hill (Michigan), 5-1
Billy Chancey (NIU) dec. Matt Irick (Indiana), 8-2
Billy Chancey (NIU) dec. Pat Kissel (Purdue), 4-3
Mark Martin (Ohio State) maj. dec. Billy Chancey (NIU), 9-1
174: Matt Mougin*
Matt Mougin (NIU) maj. dec. Luke Schmit (Purdue), 11-1
Nick Kaczanowski (Michigan State) dec. Matt Mougin (NIU), 4-3
Marshal Willet (Ohio) maj. dec. Matt Mougin (NIU), 13-5
184: Caleb Busson
Craig Kelliher (Central Michigan) dec. Caleb Busson (NIU), 7-3
Caleb Busson (NIU) wins by injury default over Shane Rosenberry (NIU)
James Mannier (Navy) wins by injury default over Caleb Busson (NIU)
184: Shane Rosenberry
Shane Rosenberry (NIU) dec. Jameel Bryant (Lindsey Wilson), 12-11
Anthony Abro (Eastern Michigan) maj. dec. Shane Rosenberry (NIU), 16-4
Caleb Busson (NIU) wins by injury default over Shane Rosenberry (NIU)
197: Shawn Scott – Fourth Place
Shawn Scott (NIU) dec. Andrew Simpson (Olivet), 5-0
Shawn Scott (NIU) maj. dec. Nick McDiarmid (Michigan State), 13-3
Phil Wellington (Ohio) dec. Shawn Scott (NIU), 12-5
Luke Jones (Michigan State) pins Shawn Scott (NIU), 0:45
197: Parker Settecase
Jackson Lewis (Central Michigan) dec. Parker Settecase (NIU), 3-1
Mark Jorgenson (California Baptist) dec. Parker Settecase (NIU), 5-3
285: Arthur Bunce
Arthur Bunce (NIU) dec. Conor Sweeney (Columbia), 1-0
Andre Dunn (Indiana Tech) pins Arthur Bunce (NIU), 0:21
Wyatt Baker (Columbia) dec. Arthur Bunce (NIU), 7-2
285: Jake Cochrane^
Alejardo Reid (Olivet) dec. Jake Cochrane (NIU), 2-0
Jake Cochrane (NIU) dec. Austin Linden (Lake Erie), 2-1
Jake Cochrane (NIU) dec. Terrence Cheeks (Edinboro), 4-2
Newton Smerchek (Central Michigan) dec. Jake Cochrane (NIU), 3-2
285: Jared Torrence
Chris Nash (Michigan State) dec. Jared Torrence (NIU), 5-4
Jared Torrence (NIU) dec. Tyler Kral (Purdue), 7-4
Jared Torrence (NIU) dec. Alex White (Purdue), 4-3
Jared Torrence (NIU) dec. Wyatt Baker (Columbia), 3-1
Ernest James (Edinboro) pins Jared Torrence (NIU), 1:30
*Wrestled unattached
^Wrestled in fresh/soph division unattached
Five Bobcats Post Top Five Finishes at Michigan State Open
EAST LANSING, Mich. - The Ohio University wrestling team opened the 2013-14 campaign in impressive fashion Saturday night at the Michigan State Open as it placed five individuals in the top five.
The event was held at Jenison Field House and featured more than 500 wrestlers from 28 schools across the nation.
Redshirt sophomore Phil Wellington (Euclid, Ohio) highlighted the tournament as he went 4-0 en route to earning a winning performance at 197 pounds. Wellington opened the bracket by pinning T.J. Hohenadel (Indiana). He then went on to post a major decision over Kelvin Jordan from Indiana Tech and then downed Northern Illinois' Shawn Scott. In the final bout, he downed Braden Atwood from Purdue by a count of 6-3.
Junior Tywan Claxton (South Euclid, Ohio) also turned in a strong performance as he finished runner-up at 149 pounds, finishing with a mark of 3-1. Claxton opened the bracket with a win over Brandon Nelson from Purdue. He then went on to post wins over Neal Molloy (Indiana) and Ian Paddock (Ohio State) before falling in the title match to Ohio State's Hunter Stieber by a count of 9-4.
Redshirt sophomore Spartak Chino (Wheaton, Ill.) and redshirt senior Jeremy Johnson (Broadview Heights, Ohio) both posted third-place performances at 157 and 285 pounds, respectively. Both individuals posted 4-1 records.
Redshirt junior Harrison Hightower (Strongsville, Ohio) also turned in a top five performance as he posted a 4-1 mark at 165 pounds.
Ohio returns to action on Nov. 16 as it heads to the Eastern Michigan Duals in Ypsilanti, Mich. The EMU Duals are set to begin at 10 a.m.