MAC Coordinator of Officials Statement on Football Game

Updated 11/6/2013

Statement from Mid-American Conference Coordinator of Officials, Bill Carollo, in review of Tuesday night’s Buffalo vs. Ohio football game

“In accordance with our procedures, I have reviewed last night’s football game between Ohio and Buffalo.  After my analysis, there are two plays that I acknowledge were incorrect with how they were handled both on the field by our officials and in the replay booth.
The first play with 14:51 remaining in the second quarter, where a fumble by Ohio’s Matt Waters at the Buffalo 28-yard line was ruled a fumble on the field.  This is a reviewable play and after review, the replay official ruled that the play should ‘stand’.  The NCAA replay philosophy with regard to overturning plays on the field is that indisputable video evidence must be provided to overturn the ruling on the field.  The replay official felt this high standard was not met. However, after careful review the runner’s right leg was down before the fumble. This play should have been ruled down and the fumble overturned with Ohio maintaining possession.
In addition, early in the third quarter Ohio quarterback Tyler Tettleton was pressured by Buffalo defenders and threw the ball out of bounds which was ruled intentional grounding from the end zone and resulted in a safety. By rule the location of the pass attempt is not a reviewable play, per RULE 12, Sect. 3, Art. 1.  In review, the proper call was intentional grounding, however, Ohio’s Tettleton threw the pass in the field of play and not from the end zone.  This play should not have resulted in a safety.  The next play should have been fourth down at the spot of the incomplete pass.  This was an officiating error with regard to judgment and the officiating mechanics by the covering officials.  
As in all MAC games, every play within every game is thoroughly reviewed and graded on its accuracy and has impact on the final year end evaluation for every official.  In my opinion, both of these plays were not handled properly by our officiating crew.”
For background:  Bill Carollo is the Coordinator of Officials for the Collegiate Officiating Consortium (COC-Football), which was established in 2009 and includes the MAC, the Big Ten Conference and Missouri Valley Football Conference to administer football officiating for all three conferences.