Akron 65, Ohio 46 Quotes

Updated 3/16/2013


Coach Keith Dambrot (Opening Statement)- “Tremendous amount of respect for Ohio. Fortunately, we matched up well with enough that we can take away some of their strengths.  Our guys just showed tremendous toughness at the defensive end.  Sometimes we look back that we were slopping around on offense, but we played a great defensive game.”
Coach Keith Dambrot (On the energy Betancourt brought to lead them to victory)- “You can see his inexperience, but you got to lead with them.  He hasn’t played all year.  It was a good option and he was so big.  We played them the same way the last four times.  We’ve had more success, because what most people can’t afford is switch off on (D.J.) Cooper.  We made it a one on one game and that’s the way we played them the last four times.” 
Zeke Marshall (On his thoughts on Coach Dambrot’s coaching performance the last few days)- “After losing the guy who has ran our offense on the court, I don’t know any other coach who can do that to prep throughout the week.  We lost a crucial piece.  For him to get a game plan and talk to his coaches about keeping us focused on winning, that’s a true phenomenon.”
Demetrius Treadwell (On winning the MVP)- “I’m just happy about the win.  It doesn’t really mean nothing.  Maybe 20 years from now it may, but I’m just happy we are moving on to the NCAA Tournament.” 
Carmelo Betancourt (On getting a better feel when running the offense)- “I think Keith puts me in a position where the game can slow down.  We got good plays, so its been slowing down.”
Coach Jim Christian (opening statement) - "Obviously it was a game of two halfs. First half we shot 48 percent, guarded really, really well, played them really hard . Second half we played hard, and we just couldn’t make a shot. I don’t know what the score was but we had a chance to get a rebound, we had four straight stops and couldn’t convert, it’s a five point game. And from that point on we just let one end of the floor affect the other. We let our frustration allow our abilities to make the shots or finish plays affect the defensive end of the ball. It’s unfortunate, we worked hard to get ourselves in this position and obviously didn’t finish the game out the way we would like."
D.J. Cooper (on not making a field goal during the game for the first time in about three years) - "It was just one of those games. It is definitely unacceptable. I can’t do anything about it, it is what it is and I apologize to my teammates."
D.J. Cooper (on the difference between the first and second half) - "Coach Christian got up a great scouting report and we followed it to a “T”. It was our offense tonight really, we just didn’t make shots. I don’t know the last time we went one for whatever from the three-point line all game." 
D.J. Cooper (on not making it the NCAA tournament) - "The NCAA tournament was definitely the goal, but it is a blessing to be out here and play ball, especially for our seniors. I know I am going to cherish regardless of wherever we play in my last few games. Another goal if we are in the NIT is to get to Madison Square Garden."
Reggie Keely (on the disappointment of making it to the finals and not finishing the way they wanted to) - "It’s real disappointing. We came out here to win a championship and we didn’t get the job done. We came to cement a legacy and we couldn’t get it done."  
Reggie Keely (on how foul trouble from fellow big men affected the game) - "I had to play a lot of minutes tonight, minutes I’m not use to playing. It was a big deal for our team."