Akron 70, Ball State 61 Quotes

Updated 3/15/2013


Coach Jodi Kest (opening statement) - "First of all, again, so proud of these young ladies. Had a nice lead today, give credit to Ball State, they fought back like they’ve done all year. Give our kids credit, the theme all year has been “finish” and we did that, we finished....They’ve worked really hard, this has been a goal of theirs the whole entire year, this has been a goal of theirs since last year and since we ended the season here. They knew if they worked hard and put the time and the effort into it that we could get back here. It’s the first time in the history of the Akron’s women’s basketball program arriving in the championship game and one of many new records this year. They are not content with that, they are not happy with that. We know we are going to have a really tough contest tomorrow against Central Michigan, who beat us pretty good at their place and we’ll have to figure out a way to change things up a little bit and figure out a way to win it. I’m very proud of these kids and let them enjoy it today and that’s been something we’ve talked to the kids all year. And especially me, being a little bit older, when I was younger I didn’t appreciate the wins, I didn’t enjoy the wins, you expect to win, you don’t enjoy it. This year I’ve made a point that when we win, I enjoy it. I tell the kids, “enjoy it, because you don’t know what tomorrow brings” and so again, they will smile a lot, they will enjoy it, but then we’ll get right back to work tonight to go over Central Michigan and then be ready to work tomorrow."
Hanna Luburgh (on Akron’s transition offense) - "We train for it in the preseason. That’s what we do, we run and that’s how we score a lot of points a game and we score quickly. That’s our main offense, get the ball and go, we don’t want to run offensive sets as coach always says, we just want to score. Kacie does a great job of pushing the ball up the floor, so that’s just how it goes." 
Taylor Ruper (on comparison from yesterday’s game to today’s and her quick start) - "It usually depends on the game, today they left me open for shots and my job is to shoot the ball when I’m open, and that’s what I did." 
Coach Jodi Kest (on the difference in today’s game compared to yesterday) - "That’s what we preach to our kids, “keep pushing, keep pushing” even if we miss shots, if you’re not use to that pace, at some point you are going to get tired, and it happened today. Give our kids a lot of credit, we were very disappointed with our defensive effort yesterday."
Ball State
Coach Brady Sallee (Opening Statement)- “We were impressed with Akron and it was all game.  There senior, Hanna Luburgh the way that she led was impressive. I thought we gave ourselves a chance with the way we were defending and it kind of sounds silly with her having 33.  We had to pick up our defense and to take (Rachel) Tecca out and did a good job with that.  We hung around long enough and got the game tied up a little bit.  I thought we had a couple looks that if they go in the game is probably a little bit different.  The game comes down to probably three plays.  We weren’t able to get some shots to drop.  They stepped up and hit some big one’s- story of the day.  Again, Jodi (Kest) does such a great job and its a super team there.”
Brady Sallee- (On running a different offense for the year with the size factor)- “We made a decision early on when I got the job that we were going to put our system in.  A lot of times in these situations you got a choice to play to your talent and run something that would best benefit them or run what you do, and make them figure you out a little bit.  I have been through this before with a rebuilding program.  I did that before the last time and I thought it slowed our progress down.  I thought it was important this year to put our stuff in and play the way we’re going to play.”   
Katie Murphy- (On playing in the semifinals this year for being more excited for next season)- “We made a lot of strides this year and am just really excited to come back and get to work and get after it.  I think next year will be big for us.”
Brandy Woody- (On feeling a momentum shift when tying the game up)- “When we tied the game up, I knew we went on a run there.  Its a game of runs and it was Akron’s turn to run and I think it kind of pulled us back a little bit.”