MBB Tournament Quotes (EMU v. Miami)

Updated 3/14/2013


Coach Cooper (Opening Statement)
First of all, congratulations to Rob and Eastern Michigan and their group, they did a terrific job tonight and quite frankly, they were the better team tonight. Having said that, I want to thank our group for all that they’ve done this year, their effort, their hard work. At the end of the day, as I always tell these guys, it’s about more than just basketball, this is part of life.
Vince Legarza (on tonight’s game)
Not the way you want to go out, we clearly beat ourselves with turnovers, but give them credit, their zone really bothered us and we were unable to get anything going against it. You’re not going to win many games at all, ever, turning the ball over that many times. 
Eastern Michigan
Coach Murphy- (On playing tough defense)
“We bought in to the defensive side of the ball all year.  I think coming into postseason play the main difference has been DeShonte Riley.  He’s been super active by blocking shots, altering shots, getting steals. Anytime he plays that aggressive on defense makes it tough for opponents to score.”
Derek Thompson (On the victory)
“It was a big win for us.  Our first tournament win as well.  A lot of grads on our team, so from here we just want to build on our success.”  
Glenn Bryant- (On the victory)
“It was a big victory for us-- first tournament win in Cleveland in awhile.  We were just excited building off the last game against NIU (Northern Illinois).  We felt the MAC West Championship slip away, so we want to play as hard as we can in this tournament to try to win this one.”