BGSU 55, WMU 53 Post Game Quotes

Updated 3/13/2013


Bowling Green
Opening Statement (Coach Roos)- "We played extremely well in the first half.  We talked at halftime that we got to look at the scoreboard as 0-0.  I thought our kids did that, but we just couldn’t put the ball in the hoop.  Western Michigan forced us into our fewest field goals made in our half on the season.  We knew this game would possibly come down to the wire.  It came down to the wire in Kalamazoo.  I thought western Michigan played extremely hard defensively and forced us into some turnovers in the second half.  I am really proud of our team because Western kept clawing, and clawing, yet they could never take the lead.  That was a testament to our kids.  They are a resilient team and we talked about that in the huddle a lot, because that takes a lot of energy out of teams.  I was just really proud on the way we finished.  Ironically, the game ended very early to the way it did in Kalamazoo where we had a one point lead and they had the ball with about 10 seconds to go.  I really leaned on Jessie Fleming our assistant coach.  We were more aggressive and trapped a late ball screen in the play that she ran in and forced a double dribble.  They wanted us to get the ball back for us to foul.  Honestly, that was the turning point in the game.  I got to credit Western Michigan.  They are an extremely young team that has not been in this situation.  We have some experience where we have been here before.  I thought that experience did chime through at the end.  I’m really proud of the distribution of points and of the two kids particularly to my left Miriam Justinger who didn’t have any points in the first half.  Yet, her back to back layups were a big run for us when Jillian Halfhill hit her.  She had six points, two rebounds, two assists in the second half.  Jill Stein, one of our captains had two unbelievable layups off some back screens that also helped her ensure the victory tonight.  Again, I’ve said this before, I have been mentored by an outstanding coach in coach Moore and we outscored to win.  It doesn’t matter if you win by one, 15, or 41 like we won in the first game.  It’s win and move on.  We will talk a little about this and our focus will be Central Michigan."               
Jill Stein- (On needing to step up in the second half)- “We knew they were never going to give up because it was a battle at their place.  And so, they would be coming in confident after beating us.  If we couldn’t always get a stop on defense, then we had to score on offense because we couldn’t let the score be that close then what it was.  Everybody was looking for shots.  Everybody in the huddle that we talked about has got to be a threat all the time.  When it came down, we just looked for opportunities and took what they gave us and broke off of some plays, if we could get a layup.”   
Miriam Justinger- (On looking to score when getting the chance)- “It was just a really nice pass from Jill Stein and I put it in.” 
Coach Jennifer Ross - (On making adjustments in the second half when Western Michigan was making scoring runs)-  “I did lose my cool in a couple timeouts and told them that we’re getting shots, we need to score.  They needed to step up and challenge several of them in two different timeouts.  We were getting good shots and just didn’t go in.”     
Western Michigan 
Opening Statement (Coach Clipfell): "I’ll start with saying I am extremely proud of my team and I thought we put up a heck of a fight. We just needed a break, we needed the ball to bounce our way down the stretch and we didn’t get that. Sometimes in this game you got to be good and you got to put yourself in a position to have success and have the ball bounce your way and we just didn’t have that today, but it was not from a lack of effort from our team I think they would be the first to tell you that they’d like to go back and play that first twenty minutes over because we were not as focused as we could of been or should have been which gave us quite the hold today out there. But again, this team showed a lot of pride in their school, a lot of pride in their team, a lot of pride in each other." 
Aurielle Anderson (On getting a second shot at Bowling Green): "A team is a team, we just have to stick together and follow the game plan, when the buzzer hits zero, whoever is at the top is at the top. All teams in the MAC are really good and we struggled the first half. I gave them a pep-talk at halftime and we came out and we stuck together as a team, as a family, as we should have the first half."
Marquisha Harris (On getting a second shot at Bowling Green): "We definitely knew it was possible because we did it once before, but we know you can’t overlook any team no matter who they are. A`nd again, like Aurielle said, the first half we dug ourselves a hole but we came back with the pride and the passion and we persevered in the end to come back and we should have got that win I feel." 
Coach Clipfell (Halftime focus): "It was real simple, we had to fix ourselves because we were bickering with each other about things that were going wrong which is something that kind of held us back all year long... But tactically our biggest issue was altering defense, we were not sticking to the game plan that we had come into the game with in the first twenty minutes. Once we convinced them it was the best thing to do, things got much better for us on the defensive side of the ball and we started scoring a little bit which always makes you play a little better defense as well."