Kent State Social Media Road Tour Stop Recap

Updated 10/1/2012

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Cleveland, Ohio - Just wrapped up MAC Football Social Media Road Tour Stop #6 and it was great being one of the over 21,000 that attended such a thrilling game at Dix Stadium. Below are the comments from our social correspondents that attended the Ball State v. Kent State game. Be sure to follow @ExperienceMAC for all of the latest as the tour continues.

Next Stop: Buffalo at Ohio (Oct. 6) 
Sean Hanus (@KingHanus12)
My experience with the MAC social media road tour was an unbelievable experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. It allowed me to gain a different perspective and a behind the scenes look at what all goes on during a MAC football game. Getting to go down on the field during pregame warm-ups and being able to sit up in the press box and watch the game from a aerial view was awesome. I got to meet a lot of the media guys and got to sit in on the post game press conference all while tweeting updates throughout the game to fans who were unable to go so that they could stay up to date with all the latest happenings during the game. My favorite part was being able to tweet about the game and having people respond, ask questions, and give there gratitude towards us was really a great feeling of accomplishment and brought the MAC community closer together. This was a great experience and I would recommend it to any MAC football fan.

Connor Whelan (@Whelan412)
My MAC Experience was really awesome. I mean to say the least it really is an experience.  Going on the field before the game and for the first part of the game was awesome. How often does one get to stand on the field for a division 1 football game? Then we were up in the press box and that was pretty sweet as well. You truly get a different perspective on the game and how people in the media interact with the game differently than people just watching. My favorite part of the experience was when we went back on the field in the 4th quarter. I have seen a lot of football games in my life but you’ll have to look far and wide to find a crazier final 5 minutes than Ball State vs Kent. And what made it even cooler was while all this craziness was unfolding, we were standing just  a few feet away from all of it. And obviously it was great to see Freddy Cortez make the field goal with 5 seconds left to seal the victory. The press conference after the game was a new experience for me. It was cool to hear the guys talk to the media and see how that interaction works first hand. I can’t thank Jeremy Guy enough for selecting me to do this. It is something I will never forget.

Michael Cummings (@Michael_KSU)
My name is Michael Cummings and I recently got to experience Kent State football from a completely new perspective, during the Social Media Road Tour. I had a great time being able to tweet from the field, the press box, and at the post-game press conference using the @ExperienceMAC account. It was an awesome experience. It was very interesting to be able to see all of the behind the scenes work that goes into every home Kent State football game. I really enjoyed my experience and I think anyone who is given the chance to participate in this program should take it, it was a lot of fun!