Toledo Social Media Road Tour Stop Recap

Updated 9/17/2012

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Cleveland, Ohio - Just wrapped up MAC Football Social Media Road Tour Stop #3 and  it was great being able to watch some conference action! The Bowling Green v. Toledo game is one of our conference's greatest rivalries and being able to experience it with other MAC fans was really cool. Below are the comments from our three social correspondents that attended the I-75 rivalry game. Be sure to follow @ExperienceMAC for all of the latest as the tour continues.

Next Stop: Kent State at Buffalo on Sept. 19

Eric Kastner (@EKastner24)
I would like to once again thank the MAC for the opportunity that they gave me in Toledo for the MAC Social Media Tour. I truly appreciated everything from being on the field for pre-game, sitting in the press box watching the game day preparations, the delicious food that the University of Toledo provided us, and the post-game press conference that we sat in on. This experience was like no other for me! I'm a season ticket holder for UT, however, this was my first year in doing so and my first year at the Toledo/Bowling Green battle of I-75. Being able to say I walked the campus of UT and witnessed the atmosphere of the rivalry was just spectacular in its own self, however, being able to do all the extra curriculars that we did was an amazing experience. Finally, I would like to tell other MAC fans to get involved with this program, as its truly something special. You never know when an experience like this can come up on your future resume or what not if your looking to break into the field of sports. Jeremy Guy, who I had a chance to work with last night, seems like a very nice guy, who would be willing to put in a few good words for you down the road. Thanks!

Kurtis Winzenried (@KurtWinz)
What's one word I can use to describe the MAC Fan Experience? Awesome!!! This experience was different, like nothing I have ever been able to do in the past. My thoughts going in were that is was going to be tough, and it was, to not be down on the field when the team I love is playing in a rivalry game. But this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, and sacrifices had to be made, and it was worth it!!! Right away I had a lot of fun meeting the other guys and being able to walk around the field as we pleased. Then came the game. Bowling Green vs Toledo is what MAC football is all about. Being in the press box is a big adjustment to make. First off I wasnt allowed to cheer, sing, or boo my hated rival.But at the same time it was really cool to see how everything worked up there. I spent alot of time just watching the stat keepers in front of us. Cant forget about the unexpected free food as well! It was great! Finally, after the game, was in my opinion the best part of it all. We got to go to the press conference. It was really, really cool to see that. You get too see so much more than what you see on television clips of the conferences. I was literally sitting next to the star players as they were waiting to take their turns talking! Overall I am very happy that i was selected and got to participate in this event, as I got to experience so many aspects of the game that I otherwise would not get to see, and I would recommend this opportunity to everyone when Jeremy Guy comes to a city near you!!!

Matt Sussman (@HustleBelt)
It wasn't just watching the game from a new location (the press box) and sharing our perspective with other MAC fans on Twitter, but this experience also enabled me to connect with other observant MAC football fans face-to-face. As we watched the rivalry together, we also reminisced on classic Toledo-Bowling Green games of yesteryear and noticed unusual plays in the game, such as noticing Toledo's backup quarterback playing on the punt return team. Being able to attend the post-game press conference only added to the dimension of the experience. Aside from that, I was impressed by the hospitality of both UT and Mid-American Conference staff and the on this extremely forward-thinking tour across the MAC.