Northern Illinois Social Media Road Tour Stop Recap

Updated 9/4/2012

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Cleveland, Ohio - Just wrapped up MAC Football Social Media Road Tour Stop #2 and once again it was a huge success! Even though the outcome isn't what we all wanted - it was still a great experience seeing Northern Illinois go toe-to-toe with a Big 10 opponent inside Soldier Field.  Below are the comments from our three social correspondents that attended the NIU v. Iowa game. Be sure to follow @ExperienceMAC for all of the latest as the tour continues.

Next stop: Bowling Green at Toledo on Sept. 15. 
Nick Rex (@NickRexum)
This stop on the Road Trip was a very unique one as the game was played at Soldier Field! This meant meant NFL grade everything. Our pregame time on the field was a once-in-a-lifetime moment as a Chicagoan, a Bears fan, and a Huskies fan. Then to be a part of the post-game press conferences was something I will always remember.
But, by far, the best part of the day was watching the game from the press box. The free food, the unlimited pages of stats and information on every player, coach, graduate assistant, and stat girl, and of course the rest of the media. My favorite moment of the day was we had the delight of sitting just a few rows down from a 60 year old veteran of Chicago media who spewed an endless array of phrases that were that of a 60 year old veteran of sports media. "That's a dumb ass rule!", "Pass to Tommy Turf was complete!", and many other, some not appropriate for a public forum of this nature. We also sat next to a veteran member of the Iowa sports media who had a lot of knowledge you would not otherwise hear about while watching a football game. 
My parting words for anyone reading this would be to sign up immediately for this opportunity if the Road Trip is making a stop anywhere within a couple hours of where you live. You may think my view on this is a bit skewed since we were at Soldier Field and you would be correct. But I know that I watched the game in an entirely different light then I would have if I were in the stands or at home watching on TV with the internet to help me look up stats. The amount of information, knowledge, and perspective you get in press box is unrivaled. So sign up and I assure you that you will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I thank Jeremy Guy and the MAC conference for this great program and can't wait to read the summaries from the rest of the Road Trippers.
Brian Eberly (@BEberly18)
Wow - it is hard to be into words the experience I had at the NIU-Iowa game at Soldier Field.  Being a lifelong Bears fan, just having the opportunity to be down on the  field for pregame warm-ups and to sit in the press box at Soldier Field was one of those once in a lifetime opportunities.  I was able to enjoy all of the benefits of being a media member, including the food, which included burgers, brats, pretzels with cheese, and cookies.  I will say it was tough staying quite during the game and resisting the urge to yell and scream, especially when Keith Harris scored the first Huskie touchdown on his first career carry and when Jordan Lynch took it 73 yards on a QB draw for the score!  It was a tough loss to take as an NIU fan, but it was an all around great game to watch and a fantastic experience.  The day was completed by attending the post game press conferences and hearing first hand from the coaches and players.  I also want to thank Jeremy for coordinating the Social Media Road tour, and my 2 fellow @ExperienceMAC members, Jason and Nick, for a fantastic day.  I look forward to following @ExperienceMAC all season long for the latest and greatest happenings within the MAC conference and all of the behind the scenes experiences from the fan’s perspective.

Jason Boice (@boiceterous)
The MAC Social Media Tour has got to be one of the most unique things going on in college football right now. Not only did we get full media credentials, but we got to go down to the field during warm-ups, and I have pictures to prove it. For someone who is a huge NIU and Bears fan, but has never been to Soldier Field, this was definitely something to remember. The view from the press box was awesome during the game, the whole Sports Information crew did a great job getting stats and play-by-play to everyone, and while the end result was heartbreaking, it was still an experience for the ages. It was really interesting to see the post-game interviews too, that’s something that not many people get to see. Hearing the coaches and players speak about the game was very enlightening. If you’re thinking about applying for one of the future games, I highly recommend it!