Ohio and Akron Quotes

Updated 3/10/2012
Opening statement of Ohio Head Coach John Groce
“Wow what a game, first let me congratulate Akron on a great season 13-3 in the league and our guys have a lot of respect for them.   And that’s why we look forward to playing them.  They’re well coached and it seems like every time we play them it’s a battle.  We were fortunate to come out on the winning end.  It could have gone either way.” 

D.J. Cooper on his emotions on going to the dance
“It’s a great feeling I haven’t had this feeling since two years ago.  It’s just a great feeling, we worked hard all season, we worked through adversity.  I just want to thank God and thank the coaches for everything they’ve been through.”

Nick Kellogg on what he was thought when the scoreboard showed 64-64
“We weren’t paying too much attention to that, Coach had something drawn up either way.  A big thing for us is never fluster, never get rattled.  Just keep your mind and stay mentally tough and that’s what we did in that situation, and fortunately we got the call.”

Ohio University head coach John Groce on their defensive rebounding
“I thought both teams were attacking the glass hard.  We had made an emphasis to do that.  They got off to a great start on the glass and at the half we talked about the fact that we needed to slow them down a little bit.  Akron always rebounded it well, and we know it’s a challenge to keep them off the backboard.”

Opening Statement of Akron Head Coach Keith Dambrot 
“It was a really good game, close game all throughout.  I thought both teams played really well, slugged it out.  I just think the ball bounced their way when it mattered.”

Alex Abreu on wishing the free throw was missed
“I should’ve thrown it off the back rim, seeing if it would bounce off Zeke’s way.  I don’t know why it rolled in.”

Nikola Cvetinovic on being his last game as a senior
“It was a great ride.  At the end of the day you look back, you had good four years, so much success.  There’s so many friends in this league that have never went to the NCAA tournament once and I was blessed to go twice.  At the end of the day someone wins, someone looses.”

Head Coach Keith Dambrot on if he thought the ball was tipped in
“I didn’t think the ball was tipped in, so I’m not going to really complain about it.  It is what it is really.  In my view the ball wasn’t tipped in.  If it’s unreviewable, it’s unreviewable.  At least they got it right though.”