Eastern Michigan and Central Michigan Quotes

Updated 3/10/2012
Opening statement of Head Coach Ann Marie Gilbert 
 “I can’t say enough about our basketball team.  Their resiliency is what I talked about yesterday.  What people don’t know about this game today, Paige Redditt came over to me with 35 seconds left and we were down, She said, ‘No matter what that score reflects we got this.’  She was so poised.”

Paige Redditt on the last time she practiced the left-handed spin move
“Every day, I do it all the time.  It came through today.”

Tavelyn James on the emotions of winning the MAC tournament and then waiting to see who the opponent will be in the NCAA tournament
“I’m sure we’re all excited to win, but we’re still on our way.  We can’t celebrate too early because no one wants to get knocked out in the first round in the NCAA.”

Natachia Watkins on being able to hold up the trophy this year.
“It made us realize that we needed it to be us this year.”

Head Coach Ann Marie Gilbert on thinking of taking a timeout at the end of the game
“We are a team that is better in transition, but we can catch the other team off guard.  I felt like if we can give it and go that’s what our girls do every day.  Natachia (Watkins) played point guard because she pushed that ball through traffic.  Found Paige Redditt for a beautiful layup, one beautiful finish.”

Opening statement of Central Michigan Head Coach Sue Guevara
“We’ll be back it was a very painful learning experience but I’m extremely proud of my team.  They left their guts, their hearts, their blood and their sweat out on that floor, and as a coach you can’t ask for any more than that.”

Taylor Johnson on feeling fatigued playing four games in four days
“This game all of it went away.  We had it doesn’t feel real.”“”

Taylor Johnson on what the team will gain by having All MAC championship experience
“I think the experience here is good and now we know how it feels and I don’t think our team ever wants to fell this way again.”

Central Michigan Head coach Sue Guevara on early turnovers
“Turnovers early were a big, but we cut them down in the second half.  We were down 5 at half and Eastern had 13 points off 12 turnovers.  When you get in the championship game those are the kinds of things that you have to control better.”