Central Michigan and Bowling Green Quotes

Updated 3/9/2012
Opening statement of Central Michigan Head Coach Sue Guevara
“We survived.  We withstood.  We won.  I am very happy, pleased, proud of our team.  I thought Bowling Green was very good program, it is a big step for our program, for us getting to the championship game tomorrow and I just couldn’t be prouder of our effort and our team.  Don’t ever let me say I don’t like freshman, I usually don’t, but I love them now.” 

Taylor Johnson on her 1st half performance
“The start of the game and the whole game is intense; you got to come out with everything you got, that game was a big game last year, we didn’t beat them this year, so my mind set was to come out and give it my all from start to finish.”“”

Crystal Bradford on her last minute effort
“I have ice in my veins, I not even sure what I was thinking but I knew I didn’t want to go home.  You know me and my teammates didn’t want to.”“”

Central Michigan Head coach Sue Guevara on Crystal Bradford’s performance
“I thought it was a very composed performance by ‘CB’ (Crystal Bradford) today, you know everyone is asking about the freshman because it’s their first time, there really welcoming the challenge and there is no fear.  And we talked about not fearing but respecting people, but there is no fear and that is great.”

Central Michigan Head coach Sue Guevara on her defensive strategy against Bowling Green 
“You know the first time we played Bowling Green, we jammed, switched everything and with everyone, and it worked, and I decided to try to do it again.  But Bowling Green has not been shooting the three ball like they have in the past.  They have really done a nice job of driving to the paint and getting to the hole, and we zoned up, making them shoot the jumpers.” 

Opening statement of Bowling Green Head Coach Curt Miller 
“It’s our ninth consecutive MAC semifinal in the tournament.  Unfortunately, this is the first time in regulation that we have been eliminated and have not gone onto the finals.  You’ve got to give Central (Michigan) a lot of credit tonight.  If you take out our first game of the year when we were trying to get our sea legs witnessing our new team, we really settled in as our calling card to be a good defensive team and a good rebounding team.  Only once in MAC play did a team get over 60 points on us in regulation, and that was Central.”

Alexis Rogers on Central Michigan’s defense defending the low block
“They switch on defense, so a lot of times I had a shorter person guarding me and they saw the mismatch.  They were kind of doubling over, but it wasn’t quite a double.”

Chrissy Steffen on the loss to Central Michigan
“We haven’t really been in this position.  It really hurts.  They played a good game and they found ways to score.  They were just the better team today.”

Head Coach Curt Miller on Central Michigan playing hot basketball in the tourney
“They’re certainly the hottest team.  They’ve won six in a row.  They’re so talented.  They’re just different than any team in the league makeup wise.  They scored well against our zone.  We thought we had them winded in the first half, but because we couldn’t break free and actually they had a halftime lead, it’s easier to get to the finish line when you’re that close.”

On the effect on offense with Jessica Slagle getting into foul trouble in the first half
“I thought in the first half it really affected us.  When we got Jillian (Halfhill) at the point guard, she really made some things happen for us.  I was pleased on how Jillian played in the second half. ”