Ohio and Toledo Quotes

Updated 3/9/2012
Opening statement of Ohio Head Coach John Groce 
“A hard fought game.  I thought the two things that stood out to me was’ we had a two point lead at halftime while our offense was struggling a little in the first half  because of our defense and our rebounding. We had 11-13 defensive rebounds that were possible to get in the first half.  We held them to 35% shooting.  Those of you that have been following us that’s kind of been our calling card all year.”

D.J. Cooper on plugging away offensively without getting frustrated
“We got stops and if we kept getting stops we can get them in transition.  We just kept playing together and we got them in transition.”

Walter Offutt on the difference defensively with Rian Pearson
“We made some good adjustments.  We put some more size on him in his mid-range area.  We did a good job blocking him out as a team.”

Head Coach John Groce on the effort on the glass and the overall defense
“We made some adjustments at the half and came out and made some plays.  As long as our defense and rebounding are there you got a chance.  Those guys believe in that at such a high level right now.”

Opening statement from Toledo Head Coach Tod Kowalczyk
“Disappointing loss, the story of the game was the start of our second half... first half we didn’t play particularly well but we grinded, we defended and held them to 20% shooting.  Did some really good things defensively.  But starting the second half we didn’t compete for about 8 minutes.  We bounced back and made a run of then it was too late.”

Curtis Dennis on the pace of the game 
“On the pace of the game it was a slow paced game.  It picked up in the second half.  We turned the ball over a lot and we had to catch up.”

Rian Pearson on how Ohio played
“It affected me pretty well.  I couldn’t do what I wanted to.  I got frustrated a little bit; I tried to keep my teammates up.”