Kent State and Western Michigan Quotes

Updated 3/8/2012
Opening statement of Kent State Head Coach Rob Senderoff 
“We are obviously happy to move on and get to the next round here.  We have a tendency to make things very difficult for ourselves.  Like always, we did it again tonight.  The resiliency of our entire team, these two seniors in particular, the way they played, the energy they came out with, their will, desire, especially to start the second half.  To start the second half the way we did and these guys with the rest of our starters deserve a ton of credit for that.”

Justin Greene on approaching the game aggressively
“It was a focus in mind.  Coach always told me since I was a youngster is that good players don’t have back-to-back bad games.  I wanted to come in and make an emphasis early.  Overall we played a great team effort.  Guys were looking for me.  I was looking for my guys.  We just have to try to carry that out for two more games and hopefully be in control.”

Michael Porrini on looking forward to playing Akron
“Not just myself, but the whole coaching staff, our fans, and our university we are all excited. We didn’t look past Western Michigan in the back of our mind.  We have that chance tomorrow.  It’s going to be a good one.  I know our boys and coaches are going to have us ready.  We are going to try to come out with a win and get into the championship on Saturday.”

Opening statement of Western Michigan Head Coach Steve Hawkins
"First off we dug ourselves a huge hole, we pretty much did it a good amount of the year to be honest, but at all times the effort was there we got back from nineteen down and got us into a one possession game, and it was a little too much too late.” 
Flenard Whitfield on the team’s resilience
“We go hard, and it’s just one of those things when you get down by that many points, most teams would put their heads down and give up, but not the broncos.” “”

Demetrius Ward on his match up against Kent State Michael Porrini
“I think he was first team All-MAC. We just wanted to come out hard and play to the best of are ability’s.”