Toledo and Central Michigan Quotes

Updated 3/8/2012
Opening statement of University of Toledo Head Coach Ted Kowalczyk
“I thought it was a very good defensive effort for 40 minutes.  Trey (Zeigler) for four games lit us up pretty good and tonight we made him work for everything he possibly could.  I thought that was a big difference in the game.  Should of closed it out earlier.  I thought their press got to us a little bit.  We had 17 turnovers on the stat sheet tonight.  The two guys next to me had great games. “

Rien Pearson on the challenge of his toughness and to will the team to a win
“I just try to pick up my teammates.  Also, myself when I twisted my ankle; I do that every now and then.  I was just trying to get it loose.  Had time to do it during timeouts.  Matt Smith, I try to keep him going and don’t let him get out the game.”

Julius Brown on shooting free throws being a key part during the game
“We shoot free throws every day in practice.  We know when it comes game time and just make free throws.”

Opening statement from Central Michigan Head Coach Ernie Zeigler
“Our kids battled, our young kids are growing up and they had a valiant effort and executing during that stage when we got down by 10 or 12 they did a good job executing their pressure.  We knew that they were a team that struggles with pressure and we were able to take advantage of that.”

Trey Zeigler on what was the difference in the game
“We got down and we worked to keep battling, just like when we were at their place, our pressure was able to turn it around tonight but we just came up a little short at the end.”