Western Michigan and Northern Illinois Quotes

Updated 3/7/2012
Opening statement of Western Michigan Head Coach Steve Hawkins
(Opening statement)-“We settled down a lot more in the second half.  Our defense and rebounding certainly picked up.  Then our offense was able to get aggressive.  Because of that we were just more aggressive in the second half.”

Mike Douglas on the 17-1 run in the second half
 “Coach preached defensive stops.  I was just able to hit shots in the second half.  We missed a lot of shots in the first half.  My teammates picked me up and had some really good passes.  It gave me a lot of confidence.”

Demetrius Ward on playing Kent State tomorrow
“Play our game of basketball, have fun, play a good defensive game, and share the ball.”

Head Coach Steve Hawkins on if playing an early game tomorrow will give an advantage
“I hope so.  You don’t know.  You really just don’t know.  Some of our kids missed some shots that they normally hit.  It didn’t bother Brandon Pockley at all.  He was terrific from the three point line.”

Opening statement of Northern Illinois Head Coach Mark Montgomery
 “I think it was an incredible first half by us I thought.  Western Michigan got us down in the second half we needed are perimeter shots to fall and unfortunately they didn’t go in.  I like the energy from my guys for the first 25 minutes and you got to give credit to Western Michigan.”

Tony Nixon on being at the MAC Tournament 
“I think it means a lot to this program you know we haven’t won a first round game since 2003 and to establish it in the right direction.  We know what it feels like and hopefully we will be back here next year.”

Antone Christian on going against Western Michigan’s guards 
“They are a veteran team, they play like they have been here before.  Every series they never were rattled when they are down, and they play like veterans.”