Northern Illinois and Akron Quotes

Updated 3/7/2012
Opening statement of Northern Illinois Head Coach Kathi Bennett
“Really proud of my team, it was so exciting.  Akron killed us on the offensive glass.  That’s how we won the game.  Kim (Davis) got the put back.  I love how they hit the three and we just came back and kept believing really proud of my team.”
Kim Davis on the final NIU possession
“Right before the play in the timeout Coach Bennett said make sure we got a shot up with a couple of seconds left to get the board and Courtney (Shelton) shot and I got the board.””

Courtney Shelton on NIU’s final play call.
“She was up on me.  She was playing good defense.  The play we had set up for Amanda (Corral) to come off and try to get a three, the girl chased her through so I took that shot. Kim (Davis) got good position on her girl and got the board and put it back up.”“”

Kathi Bennett On a low scoring game
“Yeah we wouldn’t have had a chance of all if it had been 70-80’s point game.  That’s how we play, we want our identity to be defense, be a bunch of grinders and we wanted to grinding Akron down, contest everything.  We struggled a bit early but we caught ourselves and really got intense.” “”