Kent State Leads MAC Wrestling Coaches Rankings

Updated 1/14/2011


Kent State Continues Wrestling Lead in MAC Coaches January Rankings

For Immediate Release-Friday, Jan. 14, 2011

CLEVELAND, Ohio-The Mid-American Conference wrestling coaches announced the first January weight class individual rankings in conjunction with the league office today.  The rankings will be released on the second Tuesday of each month throughout the season, with one additional ranking system (two total) in January and February.

Based on the individual rankings, Kent State is expected to edge last year's champion Central Michigan for the 2011 championship. The preseason rankings, voted on by the league's head coaches in an open forum, are as follows:


125 - 1. Nic Bedelyon (KSU); 2. Gabe Ramos (OU); 3. Christian Cullinan (CMU); 4. Jared Germaine (EMU).

133 - 1. Scott Sentes (CMU); 2. Kevin Smith (UB); 3. Tyler Small (KSU); 4. Filiberto Colon (EMU).

141 - 1. Germane Lindsey (OU); 2. Tristan DeShazer (NIU); 3. Chase Skonieczny (KSU); 4. Andrew Schutt (UB).

149 - 1. Desi Green (UB); 2. Donnie Corby (CMU); 3. Brad Squire (OU); 4. Marcel Klopton (KSU).

157 - 1. Bryan Deutsch (NIU); 2. Matt Cathell (KSU); 3. Mark Lewandowski (UB); 4. Eric Cubberly (CMU).

165 - 1. John-Martin Cannon (UB); 2. Mike Miller (CMU); 3. Ross Tice (KSU); 4. Kyle Lang (OU).

174 - 1. Ben Bennett (CMU); 2. Nick Purdue (OU); 3. B.J. Johnson (KSU); 4. Brian Sheehan (UB).

184 - 1. Jimmy Hamel (UB); 2. Casey Newburg (KSU); 3. Brad Dieckhaus (NIU); 4. Ryan Garringer (OU).

197 -1. Dustin Kilgore (KSU); 2. Erik Schuth (OU); 3. Nick Whitenburg (EMU); 4. Josh Peters (UB).

HWT - 1. Jared Trice (CMU); 2. Brandon Barlow (KSU); 3. Jeremy Johnson (OU); 4. David Wade (EMU).

The preseason team rankings were also decided in the same forum.  The six schools were ranked based on the number of first through fourth-place votes that were earned in the individual voting system.  A first-place vote was worth four team points; a second-place vote earned three team points; third-seeded votes were worth two team points, while a fourth-place tally earned that team one point in the team ranking system.  The preseason team rankings for the MAC are as follows:

2010-11 MAC January Rankings

1.             Kent State (26)

2.             Central Michigan (21)

3.             Buffalo (20)

4.             Ohio (19)

5.             Northern Illinois (9)

6.             Eastern Michigan (5)

The 2010-11 MAC Wrestling Championships will be held March 5-7 and hosted by Northern Illinois University.   Last year, Central Michigan won its ninth consecutive MAC wrestling championship with 94 team points.  Kent State was the runner-up with 73 points, while Ohio was third with 62 points.