Men's Tennis Day One Results

Updated 4/28/2011

MAC Men's Tennis Day One Results:

Buffalo 4, Chicago State 0

Story courtesy of Buffalo Sports Information

Bulls Open MAC Championships With Shutout of Chicago State

KALAMAZOO, MI - The University at Buffalo men's tennis team wasted little time in scoring a 4-0 victory over Chicago State in the quarterfinal round of the 2011 Mid-American Conference Championships in Kalamazoo, MI. With the win, the third-seeded Bulls (12-7) move into the semifinals to face second-seeded Toledo (23-9) on Friday afternoon.

With the match moved indoors to the West Hills Tennis Center due to the weather, the Bulls scored the opening doubles point of the match against the undermanned Cougars (0-20) to jump out early. The number three team of George Tibil and Vusa Hove remained unbeaten as a duo with their default victory. The point was claimed when number two duo Marcelo Mazzetto and Travis Zappia knocked off Viet Lam and Dave Regus, 8-2. Play was halted with the number one match unfinished as Wojceich Starakiewicz and Mitch Zenaty led Ankit Chopra and Armaan Choudhary, 6-5.

In singles play, UB took the necessary three matches quickly with a default at number six and a pair of "double bagel" wins. Number six Alex Kalinin won by default for the second point. The match concluded as Jason Simon, at number five, and Tibil, at number three, earned 6-0, 6-0 wins over Michael Chew and Lam, respectively. Three matches were left unfinished although the Bulls had won the opening set in each contest.

UB meets Toledo in the semifinals in Kalamazoo at 2:00 pm on Friday. The winner advances to the championship match Saturday at 1:00 pm.

Buffalo 4, Chicago State 0


1 Wojceich Starakiewicz/Mitch Zenaty (UB) led Ankit Chopra/Armaan Choudhary (CSU), 6-5 DNF

2 Marcelo Mazzetto/Travis Zappia (UB) d. Viet Lam/Dave Regus (CSU), 8-2

3 George Tibil/Vusa Hove (UB) won by default

Order of finish: 3, 2


1 Wojceich Starakiewicz (UB) led Ankit Chopra (CSU), 7-6 DNF

2 Vusa Hove (UB) led Armaan Choudhary (CSU), 6-1, 1-0 DNF

3 George Tibil (UB) d. Viet Lam (CSU), 6-0, 6-0

4 Marcelo Mazzetto (UB) led Dave Regus (CSU), 6-2, 3-0 DNF

5 Jason Simon (UB) d. Michael Chew (CSU), 6-0, 6-0

6 Alex Kalinin (UB) won by default

Order of finish: 6, 5, 3


Ball State 4, Northern Illinois 0

Story courtesy of Ball State Sports Information

KALAMAZOO, Mich. - The No. 4 Ball State University men's tennis team claimed a 4-0 victory over No. 5 Northern Illinois Thursday afternoon at the West Hills Athletic Club advancing the Cardinals to the semi-finals of the Mid-American Conference Tournament Championships.

BSU took the early 1-0 edge over the Huskies after winning the doubles point.  Shaun Bussert teamed up with Austin Sansone at No. 3 doubles taking the first match over NIU's Bryant Poggensee-Wei and Tyler Stephens, 8-1.  At No. 2 doubles Andres Monroy alongside Cliff Morrison secured the doubles win for the Cardinals with their 8-3 defeat over Makisym Bartiuk and Maksym Lagutin.

In singles action Sansone's two set victory at the No. 5 position put the Cardinals up 2-0 over the Huskies.  Bussert took down Stephens at No. 6 singles 6-0, 6-2 before Monroy's victory at the No. 5 position sealed the win for Ball State.

The Ball State University men's tennis team will take on No. 1 Western Michigan at Sorenson Courts beginning at 10 a.m. Friday weather permitting. 

Singles competition

 Ball State 4, NIU 0

1. Maksym Bartiuk (NIU) vs. Zane Smith (BSU) no result

2. Axel Lagerlof (NIU) def. Cliff Morrison (BSU) 7-5, 3-2

3. Alexandre Brym (BSU) def. Roman Turtygin (NIU) 7-6, 1-0

4. Andres Monroy (BSU) def. Maksym Lagutin (NIU) 6-1, 6-1

5. Austin Sansone (BSU) def. Bryant Poggensee-Wei (NIU) 6-0, 6-2

6. Shaun Bussert (BSU) def. Tyler Stephens (NIU) 6-0, 6-2

Doubles competition

1. Derek Carpenter/Zane Smith (BSU) def. Axel Lagerlof/Roman Turtygin (NIU) 7-4

2. Andres Monroy/Cliff Morrison (BSU) def. Maksym Bartiuk/Maksym Lagutin (NIU) 8-3

3. Shaun Bussert/Austin Sansone (BSU) def. Bryant Poggensee-Wei/Tyler Stephens (NIU) 8-1

Match Notes:

Order of finish: Doubles (3,2); Singles (5,6,4)