Getting to Know Central Michigan's Chelsi Abbott

Updated 9/10/2010
Getting to Know...Central Michigan's Chelsi Abbott
Chelsi Abbott is a junior forward for the Central Michigan Chippewas. Last season as a sophomore she was named First Team All-MAC, finding the back of the net five times for CMU, including a four-game stretch of conference play where she scored the game-winning goal in each match. She quickly got back to her old habits this season, tallying the game-winning score in the Chippewas 1-0 season-opening win over Wright State. Central Michigan is idle this weekend following consecutive heartbreaking losses to Iowa and West Virginia. Next weekend they will go on the road to face Detroit and Indiana before diving into conference play.

1. Why did you choose Central Michigan?
I chose Central because of the high academic standard its student-athletes are held to.

2. What do you still hope to accomplish in the future?
In the future I hope to be doing research on plant life that can be applied to humans.

3. What is the best advice you have received from Coach Anagnost?
The best advice I've received from Tom is that in order to do well in something you need to fully commit yourself to it.

4. Which words or phrases do you overuse?
A phrase I overuse is "This is just ridonculous.".

5. What would your ideal job be?
My ideal job would be working in a rainforest studying the plant life.

6. What was your youth sports highlight?
My youth sports highlight was winning nationals with my club team when I was sixteen.

7. Who is your non-sports hero ... why?
My non-sports hero is Terry Fox, because of the things he did for cancer while fighting it himself.

8. What is your favorite TV show? Why?
Big Bang Theory is my favorite TV show because I love Sheldon Cooper!

9. What is your favorite vacation spot and why?
My vacation spot is Newfoundland because the landscape is uncivilized and natural.

10. What is your most memorable moment in sports, either as an athlete or as a sports fan?
The most memorable moment in sports is when I was at the Red Wings Stanley Cup in 2002.