2009 National Collegiate Women?s Gymnastics Regional Selections Announced

Updated 3/25/2009

INDIANAPOLIS---The 2009 National Collegiate Women’s Gymnastics Championships regional selections were announced today by the NCAA.


Six teams, five all-around competitors (who are not on a qualifying team) and one individual event specialist per event [who has a minimum Regional Qualifying Score (RQS) of 9.4] were named to each of the six regions. The top two teams and the top two all-around competitors (who are not on an advancing team) from each regional will receive an automatic berth to the national championships in Lincoln, Nebraska, April 16-18, hosted by the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.


In addition, the event winners at the regional championships will advance to the national championships (in that event only) if they are not part of a qualifying team or the all-around qualifiers.


The qualifying teams and individuals are listed below. All regionals will be conducted at 6 p.m. local time, Saturday, April 4.


West Region ? in Seattle, Washington (University of Washington, host)


1.   Utah

2.   Auburn

3.   Illinois

4.   Boise State

5.   Washington

6.   San Jose State

All-Around Competitors                                       Individual Event Specialists

1.   Marina Borisova, Sacramento State                Vault ? Maddie Steinauer, Cal State Fullerton

2.   Alaina Baker, Cal State Fullerton                                Alt. ? Lauren Agostino, Alaska Anchorage

3.   Sophia Hocini, California                               Uneven Bars ? Bridgette Glass, California

4.   Leah Wilson, Alaska Anchorage                                 Alt. ? Lida Gehlen, UC Davis

5.   Eryn Stubblefield, Sacramento State              Balance Beam ? Traci Takeda, Sacramento State

Alt. ? Brianna Schwartz, Seattle Pacific                             Alt. ? Bridgette Glass, California

                                                                        Floor Exercise ? Avery Gee, California

                                                                                    Alt. ? Andi Dolinsky, UC Davis


North Central Region ? in Iowa City, Iowa (University of Iowa, host)



1.   Florida

2.   UCLA

3.   Minnesota

4.   Denver

5.   Iowa State

6.   Iowa


All-Around Competitors                                       Individual Event Specialists

1.   Jenna Dudley, Air Force                                Vault ? Jackie Dillon, Utah State

2.   Abbey Rogers, Air Force                                           Alt. ? Heather Heinrich, Utah State

3.   Nicki Felley, Utah State                                 Uneven Bars ? Nicole Simoneau, Utah State

4.   Lyndsie Boone, Utah State                                       Alt. ? Maddie Johnson, Brigham Young

5.   Meghan Hargens, Wisconsin-Stout                 Balance Beam ? Kaylee Gallup, Brigham Young

Alt. ? Danielle Goldman, Brigham Young                            Alt. ? Nicole Simoneau, Utah State

                                                                        Floor Exercise ? Erica Huelsmann, Utah State

                                                                                    Alt. ? Whitney Olsen, Brigham Young


South Central Region ? in Fayetteville, Arkansas (University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, host)



1.   Stanford

2.   Arkansas

3.   Michigan

4.       Arizona

5.       Southern Utah

6.       Arizona State


All-Around Competitors                                       Individual Event Specialists

1.   Holly Reichard, Northern Illinois                     Vault ? DeAvera Todd, Illinois-Chicago

2.   Sandra Blake, Southeast Missouri State                      Alt. ? Meaghan Koshman, Illinois State

3.   Rikara Turner, Southeast Missouri State         Uneven Bars ? Christina Sundgren, Southeast Missouri State

4.   Annie Kachman, Illinois-Chicago                                 Alt. ? Zandre Labuschagne, Illinois-Chicago

5.   Erica Schick, Illinois State                              Balance Beam ? Jennifer Naughton, Northern Illinois

Alt. ? DeAvera Todd, Illinois-Chicago                                Alt. ? Hannah Deutsch, Illinois State

                                                                        Floor Exercise ? Brianna Gaddie, Southeast Missouri State

                                                                                    Alt. ? Leah Johnson, Northern Illinois


Central Region ? in Columbus, Ohio (The Ohio State University, host)



1.   LSU

2.   Oregon State

3.   Ohio State

4.   Kent State

5.   Kentucky

6.       Michigan State


All-Around Competitors                                       Individual Event Specialists

1.   Erin Grigg, Eastern Michigan                      Vault ? Brittney Emmons, Ball State

2.   Breanne Guy, Bowling Green                                  Alt. ? Courtney Hawkins, Centenary (Louisiana)

3.   Kristine Garbarino, Western Michigan       Uneven Bars ? Bibiana Rodriguez, Ball State

4.   Teresa Phipps, Ball State                                        Alt. ? Amber Brewer, Bowling Green

5.   Andrea Perini, Western Michigan              Balance Beam ? Maureen Moss, Eastern Michigan

Alt. ? Liz Prouty, Western Michigan                              Alt. ? Katelyn Busacker, Ball State

                                                                         Floor Exercise ? Brittney Emmons, Ball State

                                                                                     Alt. ? Stacie Wood, Eastern Michigan


Northeast Region ? in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, host)



1.   Alabama

2.   Oklahoma

3.   Missouri

4.   Central Michigan

5.   New Hampshire

6.   Maryland


All-Around Competitors                                       Individual Event Specialists

1.   Alicia Talucci, Pittsburgh                               Vault ? Dani Bryan, Pittsburgh

2.   Lorraine Galow, Bridgeport                                        Alt. ? Kerri Lavallee, Cornell

3.   Katie Canning, Temple                                  Uneven Bars ? Alix Croop, Pittsburgh

4.   Alina Liao, Yale                                                        Alt. ? Amy Varela, Pittsburgh

5.   Jordan Brewer, Pennsylvania                         Balance Beam ? Alix Croop, Pittsburgh

Alt. ? Natasha Crawford, Temple                                      Alt. ? Melanie Standridge, Cornell

                                                                        Floor Exercise ? Alix Croop, Pittsburgh

                                                                                    Alt. ? Dani Bryan, Pittsburgh


Southeast Region ? in Raleigh, North Carolina (North Carolina State University, host)



1.   Georgia

2.   Penn State

3.   Nebraska

4.   West Virginia

5.   North Carolina State

6.   North Carolina


All-Around Competitors                                       Individual Event Specialists

1.   Alise McDonald, Towson                               Vault ? Kristen Simpson, George Washington

2.   Leslie Delima, George Washington                             Alt. ? Avis Hixon, Towson

3.   Amanda Murphy, George Washington             Uneven Bars ? Jackie Schweitzer, Towson

4.   Megan Wooden, Towson                                           Alt. ? Christa Devine, George Washington

5.   Kristin Milardo, William and Mary                   Balance Beam ? Jackie Schweitzer, Towson

Alt. ? Lindsay Poplaski, Towson                                        Alt. ? Kacy Catanzaro, Towson

                                                            Floor Exercise ? Kristen Simpson, George Washington

                                                                                    Alt. ? Avis Hixon, Towson


In case of ties for the last berth into regional competition and for seeding purposes, the team, all-around competitor or individual event specialist with the highest score, not including the six used for the regional qualifying score, will qualify. If a tie still exists, the process is continued until the tie is broken.


For more information regarding the National Collegiate Women's Gymnastics Championships, log on to www.NCAA.com.