Getting to Know Ohio's Courtney Seiders

Updated 9/9/2010
Getting to Know...Ohio's Courtney Seiders
Courtney Seiders is a senior goalkeeper for the Ohio Bobcats. Last season, she received the majority of the playing time in net for the Bobcats as they advanced into the NCAA Tournament. On the year, she posted a 9-6 record that included four shutout victories. Now in her final season, Seiders has come out of the gate strong, allowing only six goals through five contests. However the Bobcats have struggled on the offensive end which has contributed to their 1-4 record. Seiders and her Ohio teammates will try to get back on track starting tomorrow with a tournament at Indiana, where they open with California before going up against the host Hoosiers in the Saturday finale. 

1. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment so far as an athlete?
I think being a part of the team last year that won the MAC Championship is my greatest accomplishment. It was such a challenging and trying season for us and it was amazing to see what we accomplished at the end.

2. What are your goals for this season?
My goals for this season are to win the MAC Championship again and to win the NCAA tournament.

3. Do you have higher expectations going into this season than last?
Yes.  We have a lot of returning players and I, as a senior, know that this is my last season. I want to go farther than we did last year.

4. How did you get started playing field hockey?
All of my friends were playing it and I thought it looked fun but I didn't want to wear the skirt.  They told me if I played goalie I didn't have to wear it so I tried it and really loved it!

5. What were you up to this summer?
This summer I spent about two weeks playing field hockey down in Virginia Beach at the USA High Performance tournament. The rest of the summer I spent hanging out with my family and friends.

6. What is your favorite beverage/food/desert?
My all-time favorite food is macaroni and cheese. Specifically Velveeta shells!

7. What is the best class you've taken?
I think my favorite class was Anthropology. It's interesting, to me, to learn about different cultures and people around the world and I really would love to travel and see a lot of those places.

8. What is your favorite campus hangout?
The Donkey. It's a little coffee shop and it's one of my favorite places to just relax and sometimes study.

9. You are on a road trip and stop at a gas station, what snacks do you buy?
I definitely would buy Haribo gummi bears! They are my absolute favorite!!!

10. What is your favorite holiday?
My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas! I love the snow and I love just getting into the spirit of the season and decorating!