Getting To Know...Miami's Laura Neufarth

Updated 9/18/2008

’s Laura Neufarth was the 2007 MAC Women’s Cross Country Individual Champion. She was also named First-Team All-MAC and All-Ohio Division I Female Runner of the Year. Neufarth finished the Championship meet at Central Michigan with a time of 17:35. She qualified for the NCAA Championships at Indiana State, where she ran a 21:25.7 in the 6K race and finished 82nd She finished fifth at the NCAA Regional Championships at Indiana University. Neufarth was the individual champion at each of the first six meets of the season, earning a spot in Sports Illustrated's "Faces in the Crowd". She led the RedHawks to four meet championships last season.


1. What actor/actress would play you in the movie of your life? Why?

Kate Hudson. I think she has a good sense of humor and I love almost every movie she is in.


2. What would your ideal job be? (outside of playing sports professionally)

Apart from running, I’ve always been a big music nerd, so it would be fun to be that person that picks the music in movies or tv shows.


3. What's your dream as a college athlete?

I’d love it if my team to make it to nationals. It would be such an accomplishment for us and I really think we can do it.


4. How did you get started running cross country?

Someone somewhere thought I would be good at distance running and got me to go out for the Cross team freshman year of high school. I fell in love with the sport and now I can’t imagine not being a runner.

5. Which words or phrases do you overuse?

“That’s Funny” (which I say even when it is not).  And for some reason I like to say “That’s awesome” about a lot of things.


6. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment so far as an athlete?

Never giving up even when things seem the worst.  I had to work pretty hard to get back to running during my sophomore year, and I never thought I would be where I am today.


7. What is your most memorable moment in sports, either as an athlete or as a sports fan? Winning the MAC Championship in cross country is pretty unforgettable.


8. What are your goals for this season?

My personal goals are to work as hard as I can to help in achieving our team goals. I think that if personal and team goals overlap, that is the best way for the team to be successful.


9. If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

 I would go to the White House and explore.


10. What's the best part of being a Division I athlete?

Priority Scheduling and Traveling!