Getting to Know Northern Illinois' Luis Mojica

Updated 9/14/2010
Getting to Know...NIU's Luis Mojica
Luis Mojica is a senior midfielder for the Northern Illinois Huskies. As a part-time starter through his first three seasons, Mojica had registered five assists coming into the 2010 campaign. On Sunday, playing Cleveland State in the finale of the NIU adidas/Magnuson Inn Invitational, Luis scored his first two career goals in the Huskies 2-0 win over the Vikings. Northern Illinois hopes to keep that momentum going into this weekend, when they make the short trip into Evanston for the Northwestern Lakeside Classic where they will play two neutral-site games against Holy Cross and Gonzaga.

1. Why did you choose NIU?
I chose NIU because I already knew some guys on the team and I knew guys that were coming in when I was a freshman, so I already felt really comfortable on the team.

2. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment so far as an athlete?
Probably when I was playing Chicago Fire PDL team, I got to play against the first team and against my childhood idol Cuauhtemoc Blanco.

3. How did you get started playing soccer?
Well I started in karate when I was five but I broke my wrist, so I quit.  Then I just started playing soccer at school and then I got signed up with the local rec team.

4. What's your favorite beverage, food, and dessert?
Favorite beverage is Mountain Dew, food is probably chicken nuggets and dessert is the double chocolate cake at Portillo's.

5. What would you like to be doing in ten years?
In ten years, I would like to be coaching soccer at some level. Right now, I don't have anything in mind, I just want to stay in the game.

6. Outside of sports what would your ideal job be?
I always had an inkling to want to teach, probably Social Studies or Spanish.

7. At what age?
High school, I had a teacher who I was very fond of and wanted to follow in her footsteps.

8. What's the best part of being a D-I athlete?
The competitiveness we have in every game that we go out and play.

9. What's you favorite TV show and why?
My favorite TV show right now is Jersey Shore just because of the ridiculous comments that they each say towards each other.

10. What artists take up the most space in your iPod?
Anything rap, Lil Wayne, T.I., anything like that.