MAC 2000 Football Schedule Released

Updated 2/7/2000
CLEVELAND, Ohio (February 7, 2000) -- The Mid-American Conference released its 2000 football schedule Monday, reflecting an emphasis on divisional competition while also sustaining league rivalries.

Per NCAA regulations, MAC institutions will play a full divisional schedule in 2000, with divisional champions qualifying for the fourth conference championship game. The MAC is one of only three conferences in Division I-A to stage a football championship game (SEC, Big 12). Last year's MAC championship game saw then #11 Marshall defeat Western Michigan 34-30 in the second most-watched college football game in ESPN2 history.

Due to the unbalanced divisional configuration, two schools in the West (Central Michigan and Western Michigan) will play eight conference games, while the remaining four will play seven MAC games and have one additional non-conference game. All seven East Division schools will play a full divisional schedule and two crossover games.

Head-to-head competition will be used as the initial tiebreaker in determining divisional standings. Overall conference record by percentage will also be factored into the tiebreaker formula.

Crossover games will allow traditional rivalries such as Bowling Green-Toledo and Ball State-Miami to continue. Other inter-divisional highlights include a re-match of last year's MAC championship game between Marshall and Western Michigan and a trip by the Thundering Herd to Toledo for the first time since Marshall rejoined the MAC in 1997.

Three teams set stadium attendance records during MAC games last year. Western Michigan established a league record attendance for a home game of 36,102 at Waldo Stadium versus Central Michigan, the Marshall at Miami contest attracted a Yager Stadium record crowd of 30,087, and a UB Stadium record 20,835 witnessed Buffalo's MAC debut versus Akron.

Among MAC school opponents this year are team's that appeared in 11 bowls last season. Those teams ranked in the final top 20 in the final Associated Press ranking are Virginia Tech (Sugar #2), Wisconsin (Rose #4), Michigan (Orange #5), Kansas State (Holiday #6), Michigan State (Citrus #7), Penn State (Alamo #11), Florida (Citrus #12) and Minnesota (Sun #18). In addition, MAC champion Marshall won the Motor City Bowl and finished #10 in the final AP poll, which tied for the highest ranking ever by a MAC school (Miami 1974).

  • Akron
  • Ball State
  • Bowling Green
  • Buffalo
  • Central Michigan
  • Eastern Michigan
  • Kent
  • Marshall
  • Miami
  • Northern Illinois
  • Ohio
  • Toledo
  • Western Michigan

    S 2	at Virginia Tech	
    S 9	at Central Michigan*
    S 16	Central Florida
    S 23	at Ohio*
    S 30	Miami*
    O 7	at Bowling Green*
    O 14	Northern Illinois*
    O 21	Connecticut
    O 28	Marshall*	
    N 4	open
    N 11	Buffalo*
    N 18	at Kent*
    S 2	at Florida
    S 9	Western Illinois
    S 16	at Kansas State
    S 23	Open
    S 30	Northern Illinois*
    O 7	at Miami*
    O 14	Eastern Michigan*
    O 21	at Buffalo*
    O 28	at Central Michigan*	
    N 4	Western Michigan*
    N 11	at Toledo*
    N 18	Connecticut
    S 2	at Michigan
    S 9	Pittsburgh
    S 16	at Temple
    S 23	at Buffalo*
    S 30	at Kent*
    O 7	Akron*
    O 14	at Miami*
    O 21	Eastern Michigan*
    O 28	open	
    N 4	Marshall*
    N 11	Ohio*
    N 22	at Toledo*
    S 2	at Syracuse
    S 9	at Rutgers
    S 16	Connecticut
    S 23	Bowling Green*
    S 30	at Marshall*
    O 7	at Ohio*
    O 14	open
    O 21	Ball State*
    O 28	at Northern Illinois*	
    N 4	Kent*
    N 11	at Akron*
    N 18	Miami*
    S 2	at Purdue
    S 9	Akron*
    S 16	at Wyoming
    S 23	Boise State
    S 30	at Toledo*
    O 7	Kent*
    O 14	open
    O 21	at Ohio*
    O 28	Ball State*	
    N 4	at Eastern Michigan*
    N 11	Western Michigan*
    N 18	at Northern Illinois*
    S 2	Connecticut
    S 9	Miami*
    S 16	at South Carolina
    S 23	at Temple
    S 30	Central Florida
    O 7	Toledo*
    O 14	at Ball State*
    O 21	at Bowling Green*
    O 28	open	
    N 4	Central Michigan*
    N 11	Northern Illinois*
    N 18	at Western Michigan*
    S 2	at Pittsburgh
    S 9	at Purdue
    S 16	Youngstown State
    S 23	at Miami*
    S 30	Bowling Green*
    O 7	at Central Michigan*
    O 14	Ohio*
    O 21	at Marshall*
    O 28	Western Michigan*	
    N 4	at Buffalo*
    N 11	open
    N 18	Akron*
    A 31	SE Missouri State 
    S 9	at Michigan State
    S 16	open
    S 23	at North Carolina
    S 30	Buffalo*	
    O 5	Western Michigan*
    O 14	at Toledo*
    O 21	Kent*
    O 28	at Akron*	
    N 4	at Bowling Green*
    N 11	Miami*
    N 18	at Ohio*
    S 2	at Vanderbilt
    S 9	at Eastern Michigan*
    S 16	at Ohio State
    S 23	Kent*
    S 30	at Akron*
    O 7	Ball State*
    O 14	Bowling Green*
    O 21	open
    O 28	at Cincinnati	
    N 4	Ohio*
    N 11	at Marshall*
    N 18	at Buffalo*
    A 31	at Northwestern 
    S 9	Illinois State
    S 16	open
    S 23	at Auburn
    S 30	at Ball State*
    O 7	Central Florida
    O 14	at Akron*
    O 21	at Western Michigan*
    O 28	Buffalo*	
    N 4	Toledo*
    N 11	at Eastern Michigan*
    N 18	Central Michigan*
    A 31	at Iowa State
    S 9	at Minnesota
    S 16	Tennessee Tech
    S 23	Akron*
    S 30	at Western  Michigan*
    O 7	Buffalo*
    O 14	at Kent*
    O 21	Central Michigan*
    O 28	open	
    N 4	at Miami*
    N 11	at Bowling Green*
    N 18	Marshall*
    S 2	at Penn State
    S 9	Weber State
    S 16	Eastern Illinois
    S 23	at Western Michigan*
    S 30	Central Michigan*
    O 7	at Eastern Michigan*
    O 14	Marshall*
    O 21	open
    O 28	at Navy	
    N 4	at Northern Illinois*
    N 11	Ball State*
    N 22	Bowling Green*
    S 2	at Wisconsin
    S 9	at Iowa
    S 16	Indiana State
    S 23	Toledo*
    S 30	Ohio*
    O 5	at Marshall*
    O 14	open
    O 21	Northern Illinois*
    O 28	at Kent*	
    N 4	at Ball State*
    N 11	at Central Michigan*
    N 18	Eastern Michigan*
    * Mid-American Conference games
    some game dates subject to change