Eastern Michigan Sweeps Cross Country Honors

Updated 10/13/1999
Men's MAC Pepsi Runner of the Week

Blake McDowell Eastern Michigan So. Reynoldsburg, Ohio

McDowell won the Michigan Intercollegiate in a time of 25:08.2. He helped lead his team to a second-place finish. This was his first individual title of the 1999 season. In the last five outings, he has placed in the top ten four times.

Other Nominees

Dave Larson (BGSU, Fr., Covington, Ohio) placed 39th (27:03) at the All Ohio Championship. A freshman, Larson led his team to a 10th-place finish.

Mickey Martin (Ohio, Fr., Parma Hts., Ohio, ) placed 31st at the All Ohio Championship. Martin led his team to a 14th-place finish.

Damian Sherck (WMU, Sr., Elkhart, Ind.) finished second overall (25:17) at the Michigan Championship, helping the Broncos to a team title. Sherck has been the teams' top finisher in every meet this season, he also has three top-four marks in four meets.

Michael Ofsansky (Ball State, Jr., Hillsdale Mich.) Michael Led the way for his team with a 6th place finish and a personal record of 24:32.12. Michael has led his team for the last two weeks. Ball State finished 4th out of ten this past weekend.

Jacob Brundage (CMU, Sr, Sheridan, Mich.) Brundage finished fifth at the Michigan Intercollegiate to help his team to a third-place finish.

Women's MAC Pepsi Runner of the Week

Demtilla Mwei Eastern Michigan So. Lesos, Kenya

Mwei continued with one of the best seasons in school history, with a first-place finish at the Michigan Intercollegiate. This was her fourth 1st place finish in five outings. She helped her team to a fourth-place finish.

Other Nominees

Andrea Pullen (CMU, Sr, Grandville, Mich.) took seventh place at the Michigan Intercollegiate to help lead the Chippewas to a third place finish.

Christina Thompson (BGSU, Jr., Amherst, Ohio) was Bowling Green's top finisher with a 20th-place finish (19:15) She helped her team to a ninth-place finish at the All Ohio Championship.

Renee Kleckner (NIU, Fr., St. Charles, Ill.) led the Huskies to a third-place finish out of five teams at the St. Louis University National Meet. Kleckner led the Huskies with an 8th place finish. (20:17)

Melissa Converse (Ohio, Sr., Minerva, Ohio) finished runner-up at the All Ohio Championship. She led her team to a fifth-place finish.(18:37)

Katherine Smyth (Toledo, Fr., Ivercargill, New Zealand) finished third (18:37) to lead Toledo for the second week in a row. She competed against 266 runners at the All-Ohio Championships, where the Rockets finished third as a team.

Kim Edwards (WMU, Sr., Muskegon, Mich.) earned her fourth top-25 finish of the year. She led the team for the first time with an eighth place finish to help the Broncos take second at the Michigan Championships.


Northern Illinois' Renee Kleckner and Jenny Kennedy earned All-National Team recognition for their performances in the race.

This week in MAC Cross Country
(Oct.11- Oct.18)
15     	BGSU at Cininnati Invitational (Cininnati, Ohio)
        CMU, EMU, WMU, Kent, Ohio, UT at Central Collegiates (Ann Arbor, Mich), 4 p.m.
        MAR at Queen City Invitationall (Cininnati, Ohio)

16      BSU, CMU,(M)  Mia (M)  at Pre-NCAA Invitational 
	UB vs. Mc Master, Niagra (Buffalo, N.Y.)

17      UA, EMU, Kent, Ohio at Univ. of Mich. Inter-Regionals (Ann Arbor, Mich.), 11 am

Last week in MAC Cross Country
(Oct. 5-12)
Men's Results
Friday, October 8
All Ohio-Championship (Delaware, Ohio)          (Top 15 of 38 teams)

Team Results:  Ohio State (48); 2. Malone (69); 3. Miami (81); 4.
Cininnati (150); 5. Kent (157); 6. Ashland (190); 7. Youngstownn State
(208); 8. Heidleburg (263); 9. Akron (277); 10. Bowling Green (313); 11.
Cerarveill (321); 12. Denison (366); 13. Wright State (372); 14. Ohio
(388); 15 Kenyon (418).

Mickey Andrade  12th    26:17
Rob Murry               26:31
Paul Robinette  56th    27:13
Luke Destal     71st    27:21
Adam Weger      119th   27:49

Dave Larson     39th    27:03.90
Kreg Hatfield   45th    27:06.40
Dan Flaute      59th    27:15.70
Chad Knukle     74th    27:22.40
Dave Anderson   96th    27:38.80

Karoly Bozen    4th     25:57.7
Dave Mooney     15th    26:27
David Kelly     30th    26:52
George Curron   50th    27:08.8

Neil Gowan      9th     26:05.20
Ernie Zeigler   10th    26:14.10
Fitz Read       13th    26:21.70
Brian Godsey    20th    26:32.30
Ryan Lidholm    29th    26:51.60

Mickey Martin   31st    26:52
Chris Cave      32nd    26:54
Brandon Grinwis 64th    27:17
Steve Krajenski 127th   27:52
Jesse Yun       134th   27:56

Friday, October 8
Michigan Intercollegiate
Top 15 out of 24 teams

Team Results:  1. Western Michigan (40); 2. Eastern Michigan (47); 3.
Central Michigan (81); 4. Siena Heights (142); 5. Hillsdale (165)

Jacob Brundage          5th     25:42
Jared Bibiecki          16th    26:13
Luke Humphrey           17th    26:16
Pete Remein             20th    26:22
Jeff Davis              23rd    26:23
Blake McDowell          1st     25:08.2
Joey Borg               4th     25:35.4
Jorden Desilets         7th     25:49.8
Chris Chiaro            13th    26:02.1
Ryan Desgrange          22      26:23.2

Damian Sherck           2nd     25:17
Matt Mayer              6th     25:49
Mike Newkirk            8th     25:51
Matt Flachs             9th     25:51
Tim Morehouse           15th    26:10

Saturday, October 9
Perry Keatinge Cross Country Inv.
Team Results:  Ball State finished fourth out of 10 teams

Top Mac Individuals:  6. Michael Ofsansky, Ball State (24:32.12); 8.
Chris Westerkemp, Ball State (24:45.50); 10. Matt Bliss, Ball State
(24:56.62); 37. Bill Riggs, Ball State (26:01.62); 44. Deno DiRaimondo,
Ball State (26:22.62)

Paul Short Run 
Team Results:  Buffalo was 24th out of 30 teams.

Top MAC Individuals:  77. Rick Stewart, Buffalo (26:09.05), 94. Todd
Ludden, Buffalo (26:22.55), 142. Eric Czubaj, Buffalo (27:09.90) 150.
Jason Quast, Buffalo (27:28.87) 164. Kirk Costion, Buffalo (27:50.10)

Women's Results
Friday,  October 8
All Ohio Championship
(Top 15 of 40 teams)
Team Results:  1. Kent (72); 2. Cininnati (108); 3. Toledo (115); 4.
Akron (121); 5. Ohio (152); 6. Malone (156); 7. Miami (191); 8. Ohio
State (196); 9. Bowling Green (206); 10. Youngstown State (271); 11.
Ashland (349); 12. Baldwin-Wallace (379); 13. Kenyon (394); 14. Denison
(427); 15. Dayton (434) 

Michele Rizzo   	5th     18:43
Laura Jones     	13th    19:05
Gigi Dostal     	18th    19:12
Bobbie Hardbarger       24th    19:20
Eva Havat       	61st    20:09

BOWLING GREEN           
Christine Thompson      20th    19:15.90
Nikki Monroe    	28th    19:28.20
Cyndi Bostdorff 	43rd    19:49.20
Lisa shroeder   	57th    19:58.20
Libby Mitchell  	58th    19:59

Lisa Claypool   	4th     18:41
Sarah Hensley   	6th     18:43.6
Chrissy Schneider       15th    19:08.3
Adrienne DiNapoli       21st    19:17
Colleen Harrison        26th    19:26.4

Kristen Fryburg 	7th     18:45
Briana Shook    	12th    19:02
Magan Stanly    	42nd    19:46
Elizabeth Lundgren      49th    19:53
Audrey Wright   	81st    20:32

Melissa Converse        2nd     18:37
Jackie Conrad   	16th    19:09
Mary Reynolds   	36th    19:39
Jacki Waller    	44th    19:50
Katie  Fiala    	54th    19:56

Katherine Smyth 	3rd     18:37
Emily Laroupe   	10th    18:57
Bonnie Stewart  	19th    19:13
Sara Vergote    	35th    19:38
Laura Hrbik     	48th    19:53

Friday, October 8
Michigan Intercollegiate 
(Top 5 of 22 teams)
Team Results: 1. Michigan (43); 2. Western Michigan (88); 3.  Central
Michigan (96); 4.  Eastern Michigan (120); 5. Grand Valley State(129) 

Andrea Pullen           7th     19:10
Brook Creed             15th    19:42
Stefanie Burklow        18th    19:47
Tami lauritzen          22nd    19:54
Laura Harger            34th    21:11

Domtilla Mwei           1st     18:36.2
Sara DeBruyn            11th    19:30
Rachel Broser           14th    19:41.4
Christine Synowiec      43rd    20:20.1
Kelly Passino           55th    20:35.9

Kim Edwards             8th     19:12
Kim Lorenz              10th    19:19
Aimee Tow               19th    19:48
Jessica Davis           23rd    19:56
Ashley DeWildt          28th    20:03   

St. Louis Univ. National Meet
Team Results:  Northern Illinios was third of five teams.
Top MAC Individuals:  7th, Renee Kleckner, NIT (20:17) 8th, Jenny
Kennedy, NIT (20:17); 16th, Nichole Nemecek, NIT (20:56); 17th, Jacki
Hanlon, NIT (21:01); 18th, Kim Nelson, NIT (21:05)

Saturday, October 9
Paul Short Run at Lehigh
Team Results:  Buffalo placed 16 out of 32

Individual MAC Results:  65th, Melissa Burrows,  UB (19:08.11);  81st,
Danielle Morrell, UB (19:41.24); 98th, Christine Keck, UB (19:44.16);
104th, Jennifer Larkin, UB (19:48.31); 154th, Jennifer Flockemer, UB

Note:  Top-five MAC runners from each team are listed only.