MAC Outdoor Track and Field Championship Home Page

Updated 5/3/2009

2009 Mid-American Conference

Men’s & Women’s Outdoor Track & Field


General Information





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Site:                                                     Lee Jackson Track & Field Complex

                                                            South Union St.

The University of Akron

Akron, Ohio 44325-6302



Dates:                                                 May 14-16, 2009


Admissions:                                         The cost of admissions will be the following:

                                                            General Admission

                                                            Single Day Pass             Adult $10           Youth $5     

Weekend Pass               Adult $15           Youth $8           

College Students            Free (with ID)           

Children 3 + Under Free

(No strollers permitted in facility)


Awards:                                              Individual awards will be presented immediately following the completion of each final event. The Championship Team trophy and individual awards will be awarded according to the award schedule.


Team Awards Ceremony:                    All Team Awards will be presented immediately after the 1600m Relay. 



Schedule of Competition:


Thursday May 14th



10:00 am                      Women’s                       Prelims/Finals                Hammer

1:00   pm                      Heptathlon                     Finals                            100 Hurdles

1:15   pm                      Decathlon                      Finals                            100m Dash

1:15   pm                      Men’s                            Prelims/Finals                Javelin

1:40   pm                      Heptathlon                     Finals                            High Jump

1:50   pm                      Decathlon                      Finals                            Long Jump                    

2:30   pm                      Women’s                       Finals                            Pole Vault

2:50   pm                      Decathlon                      Estimated Time              Shot Put

3:30   pm                      Women’s                       Prelims/Finals                Javelin

3:45   pm                      Heptathlon                     Estimated Time              Shot Put

3:50   pm                      Decathlon                      Estimated Time              High Jump                    

6:15   pm                      Decathlon                      Estimated Time              400m

7:00   pm                      Men’s                            Finals                            10,000m Run

7:45   pm                      Women’s                       Finals                            10,000m Run




Friday May 15th


10:00  am                     Men’s                            Prelims/Finals                Hammer           

12:00    pm                    Decathlon                      Finals                            110 Hurdles

12:15    pm                    Heptathlon                     Finals                            Long Jump

12:35    pm                    Decathlon                      Estimated Time              Discus  

1:00      pm                    Women's                       Prelims/Finals                Shot Put           

1:45      pm                    Men’s                            Prelims/Finals                Long Jump        

1:45      pm                    Heptathlon                     Estimated Time              Javelin  

1:50      pm                    Decathlon                      Finals                            Pole Vault         

2:00      pm                    Men’s                            Prelims                          1500m Run

2:20      pm                    Women's                       Prelims                          1500m Run       

2:40      pm                    Men's                            Prelims                          110 Hurdles      

2:55      pm                    Women's                       Prelims                          100 Hurdles      

3:15      pm                    Men's                            Prelims                          400m Run         

3:30      pm                    Heptathlon                     Estimated Time              800m   

3:30      pm                    Women's                       Prelims                          400m Run         

3:45      pm                    Women’s                       Prelims/Finals                Long Jump

3:50      pm                    Men's                            Prelims                          100m Dash       

4:00      pm                    Men's                            Prelims/Finals                Shot Put           

4:00      pm                    Women's                       Prelims                          100m Dash       

4:20      pm                    Men's                            Prelims                          800m Run         

4:40      pm                    Women's                       Prelims                          800m Run         

5:00      pm                    Men's                            Prelims                          400m Hurdles   

5:20      pm                    Women's                       Prelims                          400m Hurdles   

5:40      pm                    Men's                            Prelims                          200m Dash       

6:00      pm                    Women's                       Prelims                          200m Dash       

6:20      pm                    Men's                            Finals                            3000m Steeple Chase    

6:40      pm                    Women's                       Finals                            3000m Steeple Chase    



Saturday May 16th


12:00    pm                    Men's                            Finals                            High Jump        

12:05    pm                    Women's                       Prelims/Finals                Discus  

12:10    pm                    Women's                       Prelims/Finals                Triple jump       

1:55      pm                    National Anthem                                    

2:00      pm                    Men's                            Finals                            4 x 100m Relay 

2:05      pm                    Men's                            Finals                            Pole Vault         

2:10      pm                    Women's                       Finals                            4 x 100m Relay 

2:20      pm                    Men's                            Finals                            1500m Run       

2:25      pm                    Women's                       Finals                            High Jump        

2:30      pm                    Women's                       Finals                            1500m Run                   

2:40      pm                    Men's                            Finals                            110 Hurdles      

2:50      pm                    Women's                       Finals                            100 Hurdles

3:00      pm                    Men's                            Finals                            400m Run         

3:05      pm                    Men's                            Prelims/Finals                Discus

3:10      pm                    Women's                       Finals                            400m Run                     

3:15      pm                    Men's                            Prelims/Finals                Triple Jump

3:20      pm                    Men's                            Finals                            100m Dash

3:30      pm                    Women's                       Finals                            100m Dash       

3:40      pm                    Men's                            Finals                            800m Run         

3:50      pm                    Women’s                       Final                             800m Run                     

4:00      pm                    Men's                            Finals                            400m Hurdles   

4:10      pm                    Women's                       Finals                            400m Hurdles   

4:20      pm                    Men's                            Finals                            200m Dash       

4:30      pm                    Women's                       Finals                            200m Dash       

4:40      pm                    Men's                            Finals                            5000m Run                   

5:05      pm                    Women's                       Finals                            5000m Run       

5:30      pm                    Men's                            Finals                            4 x 400m Relay 

5:40      pm                    Women's                       Finals                            4 x 400m Relay 

6:00      pm                    Awards                         Finals