EMU-Toledo Postgame Quotes

Updated 3/11/2011

Eastern Michigan v. Toledo (Semifinal Postgame Quotes)

Eastern Michigan's AnnMarie Gilbert - Opening Statement
"First, I would like say that we give a lot of credit to Toledo. Our goal today was to shut down Namma Shafir and force other people to beat us. There are a lot of great teams in this league and we want to earn that respect but this is a big win for us."

Cassie Schrock - On containing Naama Shafir
"A lot of it was to put on ball pressure on by containing her when she was up top. Our goal was to force the ball out of her hand."

Toledo's Tricia Cullop - Opening Statement
"I really thought the difference in the game was turnovers. I thought the 16 first half turnovers cost us the game. We did a much better job in the second half. I'm very proud of my team they showed a lot of heart. I am looking forward towards tomorrows match up, I think it will be very interesting."

Naama Shafir - On Eastern Michigan's defensive pressure
"We didn't attack the press and were scared. We did what they wanted us to."

Melissa Goodall - On looking forward
"Obviously this one hurts, fortunately, we were successful enough to play again. I would like to be playing in the big game tomorrow but we have to look forward now."