MAC Outdoor Track and Field Academic All-MAC Announced

Updated 5/23/2006

May 23, 2006

Cleveland, Ohio-The Mid-American Conference announced today its 2006 Men's and Women's Outdoor Track and Field Academic All-MAC Team, as voted by the faculty athletic representatives at MAC institutions. The team honors 19 men and 27 women student-athletes. The number of honorees on the MAC All-Academic Team is the number that is set for the specific sport or 33 percent of the number of nominees, whichever is greater.

The Academic All-MAC honor is for a student-athlete who has a excelled in athletic and academics. To qualify, a students-athlete must have at least a 3.20 cumulative GPA and have participated in at least 50 percent of the contests for that particular sport. First-year students and junior college transfers in their first year of residence are not eligible for the award.

2006 MAC Men's Track and Field Academic Team

2006 MAC Women's Track and Field Academic Team

Randall Hafner, Akron3.46 Education
David Pykare, Akron 3.46 Education
Matt Yankie, Akron 3.80 Chemical Engineering
Babaseyi Olaleye, Buffalo 3.502Mechanical Engineering
Bryan Weinstein, Buffalo 3.814 Management
Matt Loiselle, CMU 3.44 Accounting
Joel Kirsch, EMU 3.80 Criminology
Kevin Naughton, EMU3.21 Math-Teaching
Corey Nowitzke, EMU 3.75 Math-Teaching
Alan Walker, EMU 3.47 Accounting
Bouke Onstenk, KSU 3.941 Educational Studies
Ben Wietmarschen, KSU 3.587 Journalism
Jaroslaw Zakrzewski, KSU 3.328 Exercise Physiology
Dan Beach, Miami 3.61 Business
Eric Bowman, Miami 3.55 Microbiology
Bobby Houston, Miami 3.92 Zoology
David Mitchell, Miami 3.82 English Literature/Political Science
Chris Swisher, Miami 3.37 Environmental Sciences/Life Science Education
Dan Bailey, Ohio 3.76 Physical Education
Brian King, Ohio 3.8 Accounting / Finance

Lisa Ravn, Akron 3.42 Nursing
David Pykare, Akron 3.24 Nursing
Brandi Schoeppner, Akron 3.80 Chemical Engineering
Jenna Strouse, Akron 3.60Secondary Education
Morgan Sulzener, Akron 3.81 Exercise Science
Rose Lehe, BSU 3.905 Dietetics
Jill Scully, BSU 3.531 Mathematics
Andrean Bunko, BGSU3.94 Health Science
Jamie Roflow, BGSU 3.92 Accounting
Jenny Koeppel, Buffalo 3.47 Mathematics
Kate Kohout, Buffalo 3.694 Classics
Shamarie Giscombe, EMU 3.67 Management/ Political Science
Lauren Snell, EMU 3.89 Political Science
Bria Woods, EMU 3.85 Human Resources (Grad Program)
Dominika Stokowska, KSU 3.487 Human Movement Studies
Jenna Fascione, KSU 3.943 Exercise Physiology
Jennifer Fascione, KSU 3.697 Middle Childhood Education
Molly Hammer, KSU 3.953 Computer Information Systems
Erryn Boxall, KSU 3.949 Exercise Physiology
Sarah Henize, Miami 3.67 Zoology
Taryn Nye, Miami 3.80 Architecture
Ajahnae Hinley, NIU 3.21 Accountancy
Carime Reinhart, Ohio 3.98 Speech Pathology
Ebba Stenback, Toledo 3.24 International Business
April Williams, Toledo 3.34 Financial Services
Kendra Erskine, WMU 3.75 Biomedical Sciences
Kristalyn Mauch, WMU 3.531 Biomedical Sciences
Christi Valanty, WMU3.94 Nursing