MAC to Compete in NCAA Track and Field East Regional

Updated 5/21/2013

INDIANAPOLIS - The 2013 NCAA Division 1 Men's Track and Field Committee has released the participants for the 2013 NCAA D1 Track and Field Preliminary Championship competitions.

The Mid-American Conference will be represented well sending student-athletes from all but two institutions to the East Region Preliminaries. 

Akron, Kent State and Buffalo lead the pack with the highest amount of student-athletes participating. Akron will be sending 24 student-athletes, while Kent State will have 22 participating and Buffalo with 20. Eastern Michigan sends 13 student-athletes and Central Michigan will send 10.

Miami has five student-athletes participating, Western Michigan will have four, Ohio two. Bowling Green and Toledo top it off each sending one participant to compete. 

The Preliminary championships competitions will be held May 23-25. The East region will be held at North Carolina A&T in Greensboro, N.C. and the West region at Texas in Austin, Texas. The qualifiers out of these regions will compete in the NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Track and Field Championships held June 5-8 in Eugene, Ore. 

The complete list of participants can be found by click here

For more information on f the NCAA East Preliminary Round click here.

NCAA East Preliminary Qualifiers

Men's Team
800m - Gabriel Genovesi
400m Hurdles - Sean Weems
High Jump - Martel Durant 
Pole Vault - Shawn Barber 
Pole Vault - Shawn Light 
Pole Vault - Joe Wesley 
Pole Vault - Alex McCune
Long Jump - Bryan Jones
Shot Put - Nick Banke
Discus - Nick Banke
Hammer Throw - Nick Banke
Javelin - Bryce Lemon
Javelin - Bryan Dowdell

Women's Team
100m - Rachel Christian
200m - Rachel Christian
400m - Shauniece Steele
400m Hurdles - Skyler Willis
High Jump - Gabriela Szkolnicka
Pole Vault - Ariane Beaumont-Courteau
Pole Vault - Chelsey Detwiler
Pole Vault - Claire Lucas
Pole Vault - Alexandra Wood
Long Jump - Brittany Cheese
Shot Put - Alexis Cooks 
Discus - Alexis Cooks
Hammer Throw - Brittany Funk
Hammer Throw - Megan Dornisch
Hammer Throw - Alexis Cooks
Javelin - Jessica Delic
Bowling Green 
Hammer Throw - Brooke Pleger
Men's Team 
100m - Miles Lewis
110m Hurdles - Ryan Billian 
400m Hurdles Will Cole 
High Jump - Chris Reape
Long Jump - Austin Ashby 
Long Jump - Donald McCann 
Triple Jump - Austin Price
Shot Put - Jonathan Jones 
Hammer, Discus - Evan Palmer 
Javelin - Jacob Sunday 
Javelin - Casey Garbaty 
Women's Team 
800m - Meghan Manley   
100m Hurdles - Brooklynn Ventura 
400m Hurdles - Donna Jeanty 
High jump - Emma Siuciak 
Pole Vault - Kelly Truppo 
Shot Put - Rachel Roberts 
Shot Put - Kristy Woods 
Hammer - Shante' White 
Hammer - Erin Miller 
Central Michigan 
Men's Team 
110m Hurdles - Renaldo Powell
400m Hurdles -  Parker Scott 
Steeplechase -  Ethan Lievense
Steeplechase - Ben Wynsma
Long Jump - Dee Smith
Discus -  Cole Walderzak
Women's Team 
Steeplechase - Maddie Ribant
Discus - Devene Brown 
Discus - Kyla Walworth 
Javelin - Kyleigh Young
Eastern Michigan 
Men's Team 
1,500m Run - Grzegorz Kalinowski
110m Hurdles - Darrell Butler
400m Hurdles -  Darrell Butler
Pole Vault - Max Babits
4x100m relay - Scott, C., Bolton, Williams, M., Saunders
Women's Team 
100m Hurdles - Clerveaux, Vanessa, 13.67
400m Hurdles - Asia Rawls
3,000m Steeplechase  - Victoria Voronko
High Jump - Tatijana Jacobson
Pole Vault - Alysha Newman  
Hammer Throw - Lydia Gomez-Diaz
Kent State 
200m - Wayne Gordon 
400m - Brandon Bailey
800m - Jacob Swords 
400m Hurdles - Miles Dunlap 
High Jump - Cody Jones
Discus - Reggie Jagers 
Hammer Throw - Matthias Tayala
Javelin - Brian Florek 
Pole Vault - Jesse Oxley
Shot Put - Michael King 
200m, 400m - Shanequa Williams 
800m - Melinda Sawnor 
1500m - Hannah Fleck 
100m Hurdles - Ann Marie Duffus 
High Jump, Triple Jump - Dior Delophont 
Long Jump - Roseanne Erickson, Ann Marie Duffus 
Discus - Danniel Thomas
Hammer Throw - Jackie Leppelmeier
Javelin - Sara Oczypok, C.J. Carlisle 
Pole Vault - Domenica Rossi 
Shot Put - Joh'vonnie Mosley, Danniel Thomas
100m Hurdles - Layne Baggett 
100m, 200m Dash - Diona Graves 
10,000m Run - Anna Lamb 
Javelin - Tori Paterra 
Shot Put - Amelia Strickler 
1500m  - Jarrod Eick
400m Dash - Jahquil Hargrove
Long Jump - John Cantwell 
Long Jump- Sam Spallinger 
High Jump - Peter Stefanski 
Discus - Rob Stein
Javelin - Tyler Yee 
5,000m,10,0000m Run - Juli Accurso
Long Jump - Alexis Geiger
Long Jump - Kiah Douglas
Western Michigan 
400m Hurdles - Iris Campbell 
400m Dash - Andrea Arnold 
800m Run -  Aisha Hodge
Shot Put, Discus - Andrea Hiler