Ohio 74, Western Michigan 63 Quotes

Updated 3/16/2013


Coach Jim Christian (Opening Statement)- “I’m real happy for our team.  Its this time of the year to play as hard as you can for 40 minutes and get an opportunity to play again.  I think we showed great resilience.  Western made a heck of a run in the second half, but I think our team showed great composure.  We scraped and that’s what I cared about.  Doing those types of things, we have a chance to basketball games.” 
D.J. Cooper (On the first half offensive run putting up 41 points by halftime)- “We knew if we could stop them we could get out in transition and rebound.  When we got stops, we were able to push the ball in transition.”   
Walter Offutt (On whether Western Michigan made adjustments at halftime or if they just showed a different mentality)- “ I give them a lot of credit.  Coach Christian told us at halftime to attack inside.  I give them a little bit of credit, they did that. We were able to get in control and come out strong.”
Western Michigan
Coach Steve Hawkins (opening statement): - "Well, obviously we dug ourselves a great big hole for us to get out of and it would prove to be too much. But the things I was concerned about with this team coming into the tournament showed up in the first half a little bit, in terms of just the overall atmosphere. I think that Ohio showed experience early and that they’ve been here. And of course DJ Cooper, I think he showed why he is the best player in the league, in the first half that got him out to great big league, and we got rattled quite honestly. By the time we composed ourselves it was a little too big of a hole, but I’m really proud of our kids’ effort, tremendous job as this team has done all year long in terms of fighting and getting themselves back into it. We’ve never given up on anything, I’m very proud of this team."
Brandon Pokley (on how the team fought back in the end and played well in the second half) - "Like coach said, we got down a little early, it is what it is. We just had to change our thinking to how we were going to get back into it, and the only way to do it was to fight, and that’s what we tried to do."
Nate Hutcheson (on describing the first half) - "They got going offensively, and defensively we got rattled like coach said. We talked about everything in the locker room and came back out in the second half and really took care of the mistakes we made in the first half, I was really proud of our guys."