Akron 62, Kent State 59 Quotes

Updated 3/15/2013


Coach Keith Dambrot (Opening Statement)- “ My hats off to Kent State. They made a huge improvement from the beginning of the year.  He’s (Rob Senderoff) a really good coach.  They showed a willing of toughness.  I’ve never seen anything like what our guys do.  We saw our guys rev it up.  (Nick) Harney had a great performance in a awkward situation for him.  He never played there really.  Our older kids played well in the second half.  Our younger kids played well in the first half.  We overcame poor free throw shooting, but I never saw nothing like anything else from Zeke Marshall tonight.  That was the most unbelievable performance.  He blocked, showed discipline, and altered shots.    
Keith Dambrot (On the concern when KSU was making their scoring runs)- “We were a little worried to be honest.  I thought we took better shots than them when it mattered.  I thought they took some forced looks.  Some long one’s were step backs. I know (Randal) Holt took the step back going right, which you very rarely see him do that.  He usually drives going right, floats, step backs going left.  We did more right things than they did.”    
Demetrius Treadwell (On the steal late in the game)- “ On the steal, Kent runs that play a lot.  I felt like I couldn’t let Chris Evans get the ball because I know he was trying to create something.  They got lazy on the pass, so I jumped the pass and stole the ball.”
Zeke Marshall (On when Chris Evans had the momentum dunk before halftime)- “When it happened, it just happened.  I had to move on and granite the crowd was cheering at the end.  I told the team we are going to see who wins, because that’s more important than a dunk.  It’s about who is going to win.  We came out well and strong, just like we’ve been doing.  We came out with that victory.”
Kent State
Coach Rob Senderoff (opening statement) - "It was a hard-fought game and you know at the end of the Akon just made a couple more plays than we did. They deserved to win, I sort of felt like we deserved to win too, but only one team wins these games and at the end of the day they just made a couple more plays than we made. They deserved the win and I wish them the best of luck tomorrow."
Randal Holt (on the last two three-pointers he took at the end of game) - "They were good looks. I shot them with confidence, they didn’t drop." 
Randal Holt (follow up question on offense drying up in the last couple minutes of the game) - "I don’t know about drying up, I think we got some good looks on top of the rim, we got some good looks from the perimeter, they just didn’t fall for us."
Chris Evans (on Akron taking him out of his game) - "They didn’t really do too much, I attack like I always do. Zeke was coming over on the weak side and blocking some shots, that was the difference." 
Chris Evans (on the play after the final media timeout when the ball spun in and out) - "That basically sums up the night, getting good looks right off the basket and them not falling. Akron played great defense, it was a frustrating night for me." 
Randal Holt (on if he had to change his game at all when in foul trouble) - "Not at all, tonight was give everything you’ve got. I definitely wasn’t worried about holding back. These guys have been fighting all year so it was my job to not quit on them regardless of the situation and foul trouble, just keep playing hard."