Central Michigan 66, Toledo 61 Quotes

Updated 3/15/2013


Central Michigan 
Coach Sue Guevara (Opening Statement) - "We knew this was going to be a game of runs if you will, we’ve said all along, when you get to tournament time what it is going to come down to is your defense, making free throws and composure, and I thought that’s what we did about the last two minutes  of the game. Everytime we play Toledo it’s just a tough, tough battle, and that’s exactly what we saw today. I’m very, very happy and proud of our team with the way we were able to finish this game. We get to return to the championship game tomorrow and all I know is we will be ready to play."
Taylor Johnson (on the championship-like atmosphere of today’s game) - "The intensity factor was throughout the whole game. I knew it was going to be a close game, I said it before the game, I said it yesterday. Toledo is a very good team, they have the MAC Defensive Player of the Year, they have the Coach of the Year, they are very well coached and they have a bunch of great athletes and we have a bunch of great athletes and an amazing coach. Hand in hand it was a great game. Overall it was an intense game."
Taylor Johnson (on starting off the game with four three-pointers as a team) - "What really won us this game was our defense, defense and finishing the game this time. We’ve learned how to finish a game, so we are just going to keep doing that."
Crystal Bradford (on starting off the game with four three-pointers as a team) - "I think it gave us momentum. We feed off each other and we feed off our defense."
Crystal Bradford (on never giving up the lead down the stretch) - "We give credit to the seniors and the people that were out on the floor. They kept us composed, the crowd would get loud and we just kept telling each other, “calm down, stay composed, stay poised,” that’s what we just kept telling each other." 
Coach Sue Guevara (on having a tough non-conference schedule helping prepare for this type of game) - "I think the competition and the atmosphere that we’ve played in, and the types of games that we played certainly benefited us."
Coach Tricia Cullop (Opening Statement)- “It was a hard fought game between I feel the two top teams in the league.  Unfortunately we came up on the short end of the stick.  One thing I cannot fault our kids is their effort and desire.  They gave everything they had.  Maybe the ball didn’t fall every time we wanted it to fall.  Maybe everything didn’t go exactly as planned, but one thing you cannot fault is their effort and their desire.  They have been so coachable all season long.  The one thing I am proud of is we are not done.”
Tricia Cullop (On attacking the paint in the second half)- “We got some point blank looks and just wouldn’t go down- just unfortunate.  They were double teaming Yolanda (Richardson) and at times they got her tied up.  At other times I think she was worried about the double team and didn’t take it up strong as she normally does.  You look at the consistency she shot all season long and its unfortunate that the first half the ball wasn’t falling the way it did all season long. The one thing I am really proud of is she didn’t hang her head.  She came back in the second half and really did a great job to get us back in the game.”
Lecretia Smith (On evaluating the 27-3 season)- “We had an amazing run the whole entire season.  I couldn’t be more proud of my team and the effort that we bring day in and day out, practicing day in and day out.  I couldn’t be more proud of my teammates.  We took a tough loss tonight and like I said, we are not done playing.  I think its important for our teammates that we have to move forward from this and get ready to play again.” 
Naama Shafir (On the tying three pointer block at the end of the game)- “We obviously needed a three.  We had a play on and I felt my man was coming down the other side, so I took the three.  The ball came to me and she came behind the screen and blocked the shot.”