Western Michigan 70, Eastern Michigan 55 Quotes

Updated 3/15/2013


Eastern Michigan 
Rob Murphy (Opening Statement) - "Well I thought tonight was a very tough game for us. Not to make any excuses, but any time you play four games in five days starting with Saturday, you kind of lose something as you move along with the excitement of advancing and fatigue setting in. Not to take anything away from Western Michigan, they have a really good team, I thought Shayne Whittington put his stamp on the game early on, especially throughout the first half, we kind of got him under control in the second half. For the most part, I’m proud of our guys for advancing in the tournament, winning two games. I think Western is a really good team, a well-balanced team and I think moving forward we just have to get better when we get in these positions to be well-prepared for the game and continue to get better." 
Daylen Harrison (on struggling offensively the second half) - "I think in the second half we weren’t doing what we were doing in the first half. We were playing together, getting each other open shots in the first half, I think the second half we started to force a little bit more shots and we just didn’t make as many."
Da’Shonte Riley (on playing four games in five days) - "Honestly, to say that we were tired to me would just be an excuse. It’s been done in the past, seniors have played multiple games in a certain amount of days. We didn’t really look at that as an excuse, it may have been an advantage for Western, having a bye, but I think we had our adrenaline pumping, we felt we were in good position to win the game, we just didn’t make the right plays at the end."
Western Michigan
Steve Hawkins (Opening Statement)- “It was a very hard fought game.  You never know what to expect coming into the game.  We played them twice and then going back over the last two years this is our fifth time we played them.  The game we won at our place was by four.  The game at their place was in overtime last year.  They beat us in overtime at their place and hit a shot at the buzzer to beat us by one or two at our place last year.  The games have been very, very close and we tried to come up with some things a little different and the kids did a terrific job of being able to attack the zone.  Both teams were outstanding offensively mostly throughout the night.”  
Shayne Whittington (On EMU’s defense frustrating teams keeping the score low)- “I thought we all did a nice job.  Everyone who came off the bench played pretty well.  Darius and I have been playing together for a while.  We know where each other are going to be, especially when we were playing high-low.  I have the upmost respect for Darius and played a great game.”
Darius Paul (On the efficiency attacking the zone)- “The high post most of the game was our game plan.  Coach told us to be patient when we received the ball and to look for the holes to pass the ball to our guards, especially Shayne in the low post.”