Buffalo 82, Miami 70 Post Game Quotes

Updated 3/13/2013


Opening Statement ( Coach Felisha Legette-Jack)- First I would like to thank my president for giving me the opportunity to coach such unbelieveable student-athletes and I’d like to thank my athletic director Danny White for believing that I can continue to coach at this level. I am so humbled by this opportunity to be with these young ladies. We didn’t start off talking about winning, we started talking about owning our power and understanding that we have value. We have a story to tell and one day we will be able to present that story, but we have to do the little things first. We have to continue to learn the game, learn how to play together, learn how to make mistakes, own our power and continue to move forward in our journey, and today is just a culmination of all the things we have been learning. We have a long way to go but it’s really neat sometimes to see the blessing of the success through the journey that you are on. We are humbled by this and we are grateful and our work isn’t done yet.
Mackenzie Loesing (on her connection to Cincinnati in playing Miami)- I definitely think it’s circumstances. It’s nice to be able to play well against a team that you are familiar with and you’ve known your whole life, but every game I go in hoping to have a game like I did tonight, hoping that my teammates can help me the way they did tonight and I can help them the way I did tonight. 
Kristen Sharkey (on taking advantage of Miami overplaying the three point shooting) - They had to stretch their defense and that gave the opportunity for me to go to work and I had to take the responsibility to be able to finish, that way they would have to double me again so they could get open for the threes again. 
Coach Felisha Legette-Jack (on season overall) - "It’s a step up, it’s another step towards what we are trying to create here at Buffalo. At the beginning of the year we knew that we were going to lose some games because we were trying to build a foundation on what we stand for and that’s character first, academics second and then basketball. So we took care of the other two pieces and the third piece really didn’t come until middle to the end of non-conference. Unfortunately, our leading scorer got hurt, Rachael Gregory, and we had to readjust and we had to understand that problems happen. But this game is just another step on what we are doing, it’s not the best we’ve ever had. I thought we had some other good success, at Miami was a great game for us, we’ve done some good things. We are just starting so we can’t get too high with what just happened today because we certainly have so much room to grow. I’m so humbled by my president and my athletic director for this opportunity. I have so much energy, I almost have to calm myself down because I owe them so much for giving me this chance, I want to give it to these young ladies on a daily basis. I want the season to continue as long as possible so I can be in the company of these young ladies to continue to give them what I have left for the season. This is a step, it’s exciting but we definitely don’t want to be done yet.
Opening Statement (Coach Maria Fantanarosa)- "My congratulations to Buffalo.  They outplayed us again today.  They made a lot of different ways they beat us the first time and we weren’t able to adjust.  They were aggressive.  They played on having nothing to lose and that in return, we were out worked. " 
Kristen Olowinski- (On how Miami could’ve played better)- “I wouldn’t say “tight”.  I definitely think that it wasn’t one of our better games.  At this point in time we can’t have those.  We need to come out on a mission every game with supreme play.  I just didn’t think we didn’t do what we’ve been doing.  We have been proven, what we have been willing to do.”
Courtney Osborn- (On Buffalo’s performance)- “We knew they would come in and try to get to the free throw line and shoot a lot of three’s.  We knew they were a good three pointing shooting team and we let them be.  Today, they got 24 points off of three pointers and they got to the line 27 times.  Our defense really let us down today.  The 12 offensive boards they got came at key times.  Like what Maria (Fantanarosa) said, they outplayed us and out worked us today.” 
Coach Maria Fantanarosa- (On having the chance to still compete in the NCAA tournament)- “Yes I do think our odds are good.  I think the MAC has shaken things up a little bit, but I think we have a solid team.  Winning at Duquesne, beating a good Bowling Green team, those are key wins.  If you look at the positive, good.  If you look at the negative, the times we’ve lost we’ll get our mind and thoughts back next week. If you do our homework, we’ll have full strength again if we do get a postseason bid.  I’m optimistic right now that the whole body of is going to be evaluated.  This team talking about the adversity, emotionally these women are resilient.  They came to practice and worked hard everyday.  I know we get graded on wins and losses.  What they are going to gain as student athletes and as people at Miami all throughout this year and were there to support each other. That’s the kind of team that deserves another postseason opportunity to put the stamp on at the end of their year.  We’ve come through a lot and this has been one of my favorite teams in my 15 years at Miami to coach.  For me I am disappointed I couldn’t find more ways to help them win today.  Courtney said, that she wanted to go battle with and I am the exact same way.  It’s a team that represents Miami University at that highest level as people, as students, and as athletes.  We are going to leave here disappointed, but we’re proud of these young women.”