MBB Tournament Quotes (Buffalo v. Ball State)

Updated 3/13/2013


Buffalo Postgame Quotes
Coach Witherspoon (Opening Statement): 
I thought Ball State came out and attacked us the first half really hard on the glass, really ambushed us on the glass. We had to really talk about that at halftime and be more determined to do a better job in that area. I thought we really needed to stick to our defensive principles, I thought they showed us some resistance in the early part of our offense that was going to require us to be more diligent about moving the ball and moving without the ball and I thought those three areas helped us in the second half. 
Will Regan (on playing a great second half)
It was more I was just making my shots early on. In the first half I had a couple open looks I didn’t make, but I had plenty of open shots my teammates found me in open spots. I think when I hit those first couple threes it really kind of put them in a dilemma offensively and we just started moving the ball really well and we were able to find everyone open after that. 
Tony Watson (on the patience of shooting 29% in the first half compared to 64% in the second half as a team)
We knew what they were doing had nothing to do with what we were doing, we knew it was about us and we had to play Buffalo basketball, we had to apply our principles, trust the offense and the second half we really honed in on it. It started on defense, we made them take tougher shots, we started rebounding the ball a lot better and then it translated to our offense and we were taking good shots. When you got a guy that’s hot like WiIl (Regan) it really opens up the floor for everybody else.
Ball State Postgame Quotes
Opening Statement (Billy Taylor)
“Difficult to put into words.  When the season ends like this and not the manner how you want it.  I’m just so proud of our seniors for what they did leading this team that could have given in for eleven plays, fought and battled, and got us a bye and just unfortunately could not get it done tonight.  Our defense in the first half was just pretty good against Buffalo and just trying to play with activity against the ball screens and pass of movements.  In the second half we just couldn’t make the plays we needed to defensively being in the right position.  Every time we made a mistake defensively, they capitalized with a three or a basket and its hard to win when teams are clicking offensively.”
Jesse Berry (On Buffalo making defensive adjustments)
“I don’t think they did anything different.  We failed to execute a couple of times.  Coming down and making one mistake or maybe two.  Buffalo would come down and make a basket.  We are playing against half court set defense every time. We would much rather run in transition for easy baskets and then go against fast against their defense every time.”   
Jauwan Scaife- (On second half miscues)
“It happened kind of fast.  We were just trying to guard the spread like we did in the first half.  Let some guys miss, let some guys get open shots, and then they got into a rhythm and we tried to adjust to those and then they burned us as well.  We were just trying to make adjustments and we didn’t make them fast enough.”
Coach Billy Taylor (On Will Regan’s performance)
“He got it going early where we had a miscommunication and he just got into a comfortable rhythm from three.  He made a couple tough one’s that were fairly well contested by (Matt) Kamieniecki, but he got into a really great offensive rhythm and spread our defense out where we were chasing them all over the place.  It makes it difficult when he’s making shots and (Javon) McCrea being as physical as he is down low, he’s a focal point of your defensive attack. He was getting the offensive boards and was scrambling and made a play with a rebound to finish the possession.”