Miami Social Media Road Tour Stop Recap

Updated 11/1/2012


Cleveland, Ohio - Just wrapped up MAC Football Social Media Road Tour Stop #10 and it was a great to see my first ever Battle of the Bricks live and in person. Like any other rivalry game -- this one came down to the final seconds and had a spectacular finish. Below are the comments from our social correspondents that attended the Ohio v. Miami game. Be sure to follow @ExperienceMAC for all of the latest as the tour continues.
Next Stop: Western Michigan at Central Michigan (Nov. 3)
Nathan Brinling (@NathanBrinling)
As a fan of the Miami football team for my first two years on campus, I can usually be found in the middle of the stands cheering on my team.  Having the opportunity to watch the game on the field and the press box for one of our biggest games of the year was really a treat.  While friends are used to my usual tendencies during games: being loud, complaining, and cheering, I had to restrain myself in the press box.  It was great to be part of such a different environment.  I never realized what a challenge it must be to be part of some of the media when you want to cheer on your team.  I also found the real time information delivered to your seat every quarter to be a really nice perk and change of pace.  At the beginning of the game, I knew it was going to be a close game.  Having the game end on the last play and watching my friends storm the field from the press box is something I will never forget.  Miami’s 23-20 victory was the best game that I have ever seen in Yager Stadium.  I can’t think of a better play, situation, or location in which for Miami to beat a nationally ranked Ohio team.  I’d like to thank the MAC and Jeremy Guy for such a unique opportunity that I will appreciate for years to come.

Frank Schultz (@LooseHeadFrank)
On Saturday October 27, I had the pleasure and opportunity of taking part in the MAC Social Media Tour with Jeremy Guy for the Miami v. OU football game! The experience was absolutely phenomenal! Jeremy took us down onto the field before and during the game which helped bring the whole experience “alive.” The atmosphere of having the player’s only inches away from you is one that many people do not get to experience. Another great aspect was watching the game from the press box. This presented an experience which was almost polar opposite to being on the field. The press box offers an interesting viewpoint because it is silent, apart from the announcer calling the game. No emotion is allowed to be showed and as much as one may want to jump up and down during a big play, you have to stay reserved and quiet. All you see are reporters, writers, and analysts diligently trying to stay on top of the social media bubble. That atmosphere was interesting, but very tough to get used to. However, it did offer a chance to hear what goes on in the coach’s box during the game! It was awesome to be able to somewhat hear the things they were saying and also their reactions throughout the game. What made it even greater was the fact that Miami came out on top! This experience was truly more than I could have asked for and I thank Jeremy and the MAC for providing opportunities like this for students and fans of MAC sports!

Marshall Osborne (@MarshallOsborne)
This past Saturday I had the opportunity to participate in the MAC Social Media Tour for the Miami University vs. Ohio football game. This was something that was really exciting for me as I am both a huge sports fan (Go RedHawks!) and very interested in social media so this seemed like a no-brainer for me to be involved in. When Saturday rolled around and I met up with Jeremy Guy, the MAC director of Communications, and the other two fans, I was ready to hit the ground running. As soon as we got there he took us to the press box where we had reserved seats and all the information that the rest of the media gets for the game. After taking a few minutes to watch the pre-game routine from our birds-eye view and reading through the material we were given, we got to go down on the field. Now I had been on the field during games before to work but this was a new experience for me. It was awesome having the freedom to just stand there and take it all in without worrying about a job. I was able to notice things I hadn't before and enjoyed the ability I had to share those thoughts via @ExperienceMAC. After that we trekked back to the press box to warm up and watched the first half from up there where you can see all the action. It was pretty entertaining to be able to hear the assistant coaches fired up on a good play, or audibly upset at a questionable call, either way it garnered some laughs. It's a different experience watching a game from the media point of few and being pushed to tweet about my thoughts on the game. For someone that has a passion for sports and social media this was an experience I will never forget!