2012 MAC Football Media Day Social Media Fan Experience

Updated 7/11/2012

Tuesday, July 24th (8:30 a.m. – Noon ET)

Ford Field, Home of the Detroit Lions (Detroit, Michigan)

Are you a MAC Football fan? Do you enjoy interacting with others on social media platforms such as Twitter? Then this experience could be just for you! Make sure you follow Jeremy Guy (@JGuyMAC) and use the hashtag #MACFBDay to join in the conversation about this year’s event. We are looking for people passionate about MAC football as well as social media. 

WHAT: The Mid-American Conference has decided to select three (3) lucky fans and invite them to participate at this year’s MAC Football Media Day. Fans will act as media members for the day and will report on the event via various social media platforms. Those selected will cover this year’s media day from a fan perspective but will have the same access as normal media members. We will highlight your #Twitter names prior to the event so those that are interested can follow you and see all of the content you are putting out there as a reporter for the day. You will be able to interview coaches & student-athletes from your favorite school, see how media day is run and become our roving MAC fan reporters for the day!! Sounds pretty sweet huh?!?

WHY: In the past year we have tried to make a push to get MAC fans more engaged. We realize that social media platforms have taken over in terms of how people get their news and how they interact with one another about the things they are most passionate about. We would like to give a select number of fans the opportunity to experience our football media day and have them cover it from the fan perspective. We feel this is just another way to get fans involved and talking about MAC football! Why not extend this experience to some of our most passionate fans?

HOW: To be entered in the selection “pool” you will need to follow @JGuyMAC and use the hashtag #MACFBDay. Over the next week there will be different ways to enter and show your interest in being involved with the event. Only Those Serious About Attending The Event Should Apply. We want the best of the best to join us in Detroit for media day and feel like this will be a great experience for those selected! Hint: Showing creativity and passion for both MAC Football & social media will take you a long way to being selected! We are looking for those that really stand out above the rest! 

OTHER: Just note that the Mid-American Conference will not pay for any travel expenses. Those who are interested in coming to cover MAC Football Media Day will have to do so on their own dime. However, refreshments & lunch will be provided for those that are selected. 

Best of luck!!! #MACFBDay