Student-Athletes Ascend On Cleveland For Symposium

Updated 5/29/2012
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Twenty-four student-athletes, two selected from each institution, attended the MAC Leadership Symposium hosted by the Mid-American Conference May  17 and 18 in Cleveland, OH. 

The Symposium gives the student-athletes the opportunity to join student-athletes from other member institutions and MAC Staff at the conference office in Cleveland, Ohio. The programming for the Symposium was developed following the attendees interest.  Programming includes the following: Student-Athlete Success, SAAC (Best Practices), NCAA Legislation, Career Athletes (Professional Development Presentation) and a Speaker Panel of former student-athletes that have been successful in their professional careers.  The student-athletes also have a chance to visit with the Commissioner Dr. Jon Steinbrecher and Faculty Athletics Representatives.

The Symposium was a two-day event which begin with the State of Conference Address Thursday and continued with Student-Athlete/Career Development programming through Friday afternoon.  The student-athletes attend the MAC Honors Dinner which will honored institutional achievements throughout year and the formal Induction of 2012 Hall of Fame Class. 

What The Student Athletes Thought:
"It was made apparent that the Mid-American Conference has great leaders, students, and athletes leading the way. For our first year, I could not have been more excited to hit the ground running. As a National SAAC member, we need the conference to back us up 100% and at the symposium we saw exactly that, from administrators, Conference Staff, and of course our athletes. "
Kaitlyn Vincek, Eastern Michigan, Volleyball, NCAA SAAC Representative

"The MAC Leadership Symposium was a life-changing event for me. We (student-athletes) were given the opportunity to learn more about SAAC, meet with tremendous individuals in the MAC, as well as make life long connections with extraordinary people, and much much more! The knowledge I gained from the MAC Leadership Symposium will aid me in being successful in my professional development, and I am forever grateful for that."
Elaine Pitsas, Ball State, Women's Swimming and Diving

“The Leadership Symposium was a tremendous experience for me. All the information was beneficial and will help me next year to improve the SAAC program at my school.”
Dustin Page, Northern Illinois, Men’s Soccer

“The Leadership Symposium gave me a very great opportunity to meet some of the primary individuals who help contribute to the leadership and development of the MAC" 
Harold Hogue, Ball State, Football

“I thought the conference was exceptional! Everything was organized, and the discussion was very thought provoking. I would say the that most valuable information I was able to take away from the symposium was the dialogue between student athletes about the different ways SAAC is run on other campuses. I also believe the foundation set for networking amongst us student athletes will be very beneficial in the future.  I have found with Athletes in Action that anytime student-athletes from other institutions have a chance to hang out together, the common ground is there which makes getting to know one another so easy. This was the case at the symposium too! I thought the group was full of exceptional people, and it was great to have the opportunity to meet everyone.”
Jordan Thompson, Ohio, Football