2000 MAC Volleyball Honor Roll

Updated 11/27/2000
CLEVELAND, OHIO (Nov. 27) -- The Mid-American Conference announced the 2000 MAC Volleyball Honor Roll today. Student-athletes must obtain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher and earn a letter for the current season to be eligible for the honor. Freshmen and transfers are not eligible as student-athletes must have attended that institution for an entire year.

2000 Volleyball MAC Honor Roll

Name, School Cl./El. GPA Major
Ashlie Case, Akron Jr./So. 4.00 Philosophy
Amy Hurley, Akron Sr./Sr. 3.63 Communications
Katie Kuzior, Akron So./So. 3.48 Biology
Ashley Lewis, Akron Sr./Sr. 3.10 Interior Design
Julie McDivitt, Akron Sr./Sr. 3.12 Elementary Education
Patty Burns, Ball State Sr./Sr. 3.50 Exercise Science and Wellness
Megan Hammons, Ball State Jr./Jr. 3.41 Exercise Science and Wellness
Lauren Jillson, Ball State Jr./So. 3.92 Speech Pathology
Emily Sallee, Ball State Sr./Sr. 3.74 Elementary Education
Jaime Stanley, Ball State Jr./Jr. 3.49 Business
Amanda Wingertsahn, Ball State Sr./Sr. 3.16 Speech Language Pathology & Audiology
Julie Zylka, Ball State Jr./Jr. 3.42 Elementary Education
Krista Davis, Bowling Green Sr./Sr. 3.90 Biology
Kristin Gamby, Bowling Green So./So. 3.37 Pre-Accounting
JoAnna Papageorgiou, Bowling Green Sr./Sr. 3.85 Biology
Ngan Keat Yeo, Bowling Green So./So. 3.60 Finance
Natalie Becker, Bowling Green Jr./Jr. 3.22 Biology
Amber Vorst, Bowling Green Jr./Jr. 3.73 Communication Disorders
Laura Twyman, Bowling Green So./Fr. 4.00 Accounting
Heather Barfuss, Buffalo Jr./Jr. 3.08 Marketing
Larissa LaCour, Buffalo Jr./Jr. 3.16 Management
Amelia Liddle, Buffalo Jr./Jr. 3.18 Physical Therapy
Keri Shiels, Buffalo Jr./Jr. 3.23 Psychology
Kendra DeVries, Central Michigan Jr./So. 3.22 Child Development
Shaleene Glombowski, Central Michigan So./Fr. 3.37 Dietetics
Jodi Jesion, Central Michigan Sr./Jr. 3.15 Biology
Jennifer Mitchell, Central Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.41 Marketing and Logistics
Jessica Rocho, Central Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.74 Marketing and Logistics
Suzanne Smith, Central Michigan Jr./So. 3.34 Health Fitness
Jennifer Trott, Central Michigan Jr./So. 3.04 Physical Education
Jennifer Young, Central Michigan So./So. 3.61 Undeclared
Courtney Huffman, Eastern Michigan Jr./Jr. 3.75 Physical Education
Kara Kivi, Eastern Michigan Jr./Jr. 3.89 Teacher Education
Sara Schaub, Eastern Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.86 Accounting
Jen Allen, Eastern Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.36 Sports Medicine
Melissa Martis, Kent State Sr./Sr. 3.90 Education/Integrated Social Studies
Julie Ruff, Kent State So./So. 4.00 Pre-Business
Shiva Davis, Kent State Sr./Sr. 3.755 Marketing
Katie Leaf, Kent State Sr./Sr. 3.67 Elementary Education
Sarah Kutschinski, Kent State Jr./Jr. 3.50 Education/Integrate Math
Jennifer Dreyer, Kent State So./So. 3.32 Undecided
Carrie McEnery, Kent State Sr./Sr. 3.30 Elementary Education
Shannon Doyle, Kent State So./So. 3.10 Undecided
Colleen Donahue, Kent State Jr./Jr. 3.08 Criminal Justice
Stephanie Doran, Kent State Jr./Jr. 3.02 Physical Education
Kristin Bailey, Marshall Jr./Jr. 3.06 Bio. Science 9-12/Science 5-9
Sara Boyles, Marshall So./So. 3.90 Political Science
Jody Fick, Marshall So./So. 3.41 Broadcasting
Grace Jones, Marshall So./So. 3.12 Pre-Business
Heidi Kuethe, Marshall So./So. 3.90 Pre-Business
Meredith Osterhoff, Marshall So./So. 3.45 Visual Art
Katherine Shulz, Marshall Sr./Sr. 3.06 Management
Robyn Byrnes, Miami Jr./Jr. 3.23 Zoology
Mindy Clark, Miami Sr./Jr. 3.09 Exercise Science
Summer Clouse, Miami Sr./Jr. 3.55 Special Education
Jennifer Eaton, Miami Jr./So. 3.71 Exercise Science
Melinda McCormick, Miami So./Fr. 3.30 Journalism
Carrie Blankenship, Northern Illinois Jr./Jr. 3.33 Biology
Tracy Binegar, Ohio So./So. 3.73 Education
Michelle Gil, Ohio So./So. 3.89 Business
Tara Harshbarger, Ohio Jr./Jr. 3.38 Education
Lori McColl, Ohio Sr./Sr. 3.22 Marketing
Kris Whitfield, Ohio Sr./Sr. 3.22 Recreation and Leisure Studies
Kelly Burt, Toledo Jr./Jr. 3.32 Information Systems/Management
Theresa Estes, Toledo Jr./Jr. 3.39 Criminal Justice
Lindsey Kretzmann, Toledo Jr./Jr. 3.09 Management
Bitsy Mayhle, Toledo So./So. 3.96 Art/Pre-Med
Amanda Rogers, Toledo Jr./Jr. 3.92 Communications
Kacy Stevens, Toledo So./So. 3.87 Recreation/Leisure Studies
Zakiya Pope, Western Michigan Jr./Jr. 3.25 Textile-Apparel Studies
Kelly Kuharski, Western Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.67 Broadcast-Cable Production
Jen Nowak, Western Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.13 Pre-Dental
Monyka Paul, Western Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.02 Physical Education