Pennington and Seven Others Selected in NFL Draft

Updated 4/15/2000

NEW YORK (April 15, 2000) -- The MAC had eight players selected over the two days of the NFL Draft held in New York. Heisman finalist Chad Pennington of Marshall was selected in the first round (18th overall) by the New York Jets.

Other Marshall players were also selected including: Safety Rogers Beckett to San Diego in the second round (43), Running back Doug Chapman to Minnesota in the third round (88), and wide receiver James Williams to Seattle in the sixth round (175).

Miami great Travis Prentice was selected with the first pick in the third round by the Cleveland Browns. Prentice was the 63rd player chosen.

Kent tight end Jason Gavadza was selected in the sixth round by Pittsburgh (204) and Drew Haddad, a wide receiver out of Buffalo was taken in the seventh round (233) by the Bills.

  • MAC Draft List

    MAC Features
  • Chad Pennington (Marshall), 1st Round -- 18th overall
  • Rogers Beckett (Marshall), 2nd Round -- 43rd overall
  • Travis Prentice (Miami), 3rd Round -- 63rd overall
  • Doug Chapman (Marshall), 3rd Round -- 88th overall
  • Trevor Gaylor (Miami), 4th Round -- 111th overall
  • James Williams (Marshall), 6th Round -- 175th overall
  • Jason Gavadza (Kent), 6th Round -- 204th overall
  • Drew Haddad (Buffalo), 7th Round -- 233rd overall