MAC Women's Soccer Honor Roll

Updated 11/20/2000
CLEVELAND, OHIO (Nov. 20) -- The Mid-American Conference announced the 2000 MAC Womens Soccer Honor Roll today. Student-athletes must obtain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher and earn a letter for the current season to be eligible for the honor. Freshmen and transfers are not eligible as student-athletes must have attended that institution for an entire year.

2000 Womens Soccer MAC Honor Roll

Name, School Cl./El. GPA Major
Shannon Pascoe, Ball State So./So. 3.96 Exercise Science
Abbie Renaker, Ball State So/So. 3.82 Sports Administration/Business
Eileen Weinheimer, Ball State So./So. 3.35 Undecided
Ehren Reagor, Ball State So./So. 3.27 Exercise Science and Wellness
Emily Feeney, Ball State So./So. 3.10 Secondary Education and History
Alexia Karamanis, Ball State So./So. 3.06 Business
Annmarie Aparo, Bowling Green Jr./Jr. 3.50 Health Science
Jill Conover, Bowling Green So./So. 3.89 Computer Science
Ashley Enser, Bowling Green Sr./Sr. 3.55 Child & Family Community Services
Erika Flanders, Bowling Green So./So. 3.53 Art Education
Tracy Gleixner, Bowling Green Jr./So. 3.25 Integrated Language Arts
Autumn Harris, Bowling Green Sr./Sr. 3.22 Design Studies
Stephanie Heller, Bowling Green Sr./Sr. 3.16 Biology
Michelle Lisy, Bowling Green Gr./Sr. 3.67 Masters in Education
Janice Mentrup, Bowling Green Sr./Sr. 3.57 Elementary & Special Education
Jaime Adams, Buffalo Sr./Sr. 3.13 Communications Design
Heather Collins, Buffalo Sr./Sr. 3.05 Physical Therapy
Linnaea DiNallo, Buffalo Sr./Sr. 3.36 Graphic Design
Megan Hosey, Buffalo So./So. 3.33 Undecided
Christine Hunter, Buffalo So./So. 3.24 Mechanical Engineering
Paula Listrani, Buffalo Sr./Sr. 3.26 Social Sciences
Elizabeth Pfeffer, Buffalo So./So. 3.12 Aerospace Engineering
Cherie Rogers, Buffalo Sr./Sr. 3.46 Accounting
Marcy Abner, Central Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.86 Dietetics
Sabrina Borgquist, Central Michigan So./So. 3.45 Business
Allison Campbell, Central Michigan Jr./Jr. 3.57 Health Fitness
Anne Fedrigo, Central Michigan Jr./Jr. 3.24 Sport Studies
Laura Fedrigo, Central Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.82 Elementary Education
Andrea Galindo, Central Michigan Jr./Jr. 3.27 Business
Kjersten Kuhlman, Central Michigan Sr./Jr. 3.62 Elementary Education
Melissa Simons, Central Michigan Jr./Jr. 3.34 Biology
Mary Achatz, Eastern Michigan So./So. 3.41 Undeclared
Elizabeth Blainey, Eastern Michigan So./So. 4.00 Undeclared
Tracy Deeter, Eastern Michigan Sr./Sr. 4.00 Math
Brandy Jones, Eastern Michigan Sr./Jr. 3.03 Teacher Education
Amy Knectly, Eastern Michigan Jr./Jr. 3.59 Physical Education
Katie Kretschmer, Eastern Michigan So./Fr. 3.62 Undeclared
Amanda Kulikowski, Eastern Michigan Jr.Jr. 3.82 Criminal Justice
Kate Lewis, Eastern Michigan Jr./Jr. 3.23 Pre-Nursing
Megan Mahan, Eastern Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.81 Teacher Education
Emilie Meier, Eastern Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.56 Teacher Education
Jennifer Parvianen, Eastern Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.58 Marketing
JoAnne Saltzman, Eastern Michigan So./So. 3.75 Undeclared
Rachel Schmidt, Eastern Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.91 Accounting
Courtney Sindelar, Eastern Michigan So./So. 3.08 Undecided
Stacie Tokasz, Eastern Michigan So./So. 3.96 Pre-Engineering
Sarah Willis, Eastern Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.13 Special Education
Melissa Glyptis, Kent State So./So. 3.00 Zoology
Kristin Meister, Kent State Jr./Jr. 3.95 Leisure Studies
Lindsey Mitchell, Kent State So./So. 3.50 Undecided
Beth Sanker, Kent State So./So. 4.00 Pre-Journalism & Mass Communications
Andrea Grell, Marshall Sr./Sr. 3.31 Photography
Natalie Horton, Marshall Jr./Jr. 3.95 Adult Fitness
Lindsey Jayjack, Marshall So./So. 3.95 Pre-Business
Kayla Johnson, Marshall Jr./Jr. 3.03 Legal Studies
Kelly Kennedy, Marshall So./So. 4.00 Pre-Business
Erin Locy, Marshall Jr./Jr. 4.00 Multi-Subject/Education, K-4
Kelly Posey, Marshall So./So. 3.54 Chemistry
Erin Steinke, Marshall Jr./Jr. 3.05 Communication Studies
Danielle Altiero, Miami So./Fr. 3.48 Early Childhood Education
Katie Barth, Miami Sr./Sr. 3.19 Sociology
Danielle Berkemeier, Miami So./So. 3.03 Sports Organization
Shaedyn Cousino, Miami So./So. 3.30 General Business
Kim Gardener, Miami Sr./Sr. 3.13 Sociology
Julie Grosso, Miami Jr./Jr. 3.26 Exercise Science
Katherine Mach, Miami So./So. 3.28 Early Childhood Education
Katie Milligan, Miami So.So. 3.10 General Business
Brooke Paul, Miami Jr./Jr. 3.25 Early Childhood Education
Julie Quelette, Miami Sr./Sr. 3.53 Exercise Science
Tonja Weimer, Miami Sr./Sr. 3.04 Biological Science
Megan Anderson, Northern Illinois Jr./Jr. 3.90 Marketing
Paula Stier, Northern Illinois Sr./Sr. 3.58 Communications Studies
Sarah Dickinson, Northern Illinois Jr./Jr. 3.22 Business Management
Maria Flores, Northern Illinois Jr./Jr. 3.34 Speech-Language Pathology
Jamie Bartkowiak, Northern Illinois So./So. 3.09 Physics/Secondary Education
Jen Barber, Ohio Jr./Jr. 3.42 Sports Industry
Adrian Hogel, Ohio Sr./Sr. 3.23 Biology/Pre-Med
Ashley Jakeway, Ohio Jr./Jr. 3.78 Journalism
Hallie Lang, Ohio So./Fr. 3.92 University College
Erin McCoy, Ohio Sr./Sr. 3.10 Business Administration
Carley Knox, Ohio Sr./Sr. 3.86 Sports Industry
Rachel Najjar, Ohio So./So. 3.14 University College
Rachel Sanders, Ohio So./So. 3.49 University College
Jen Sanson, Ohio So./Fr. 3.08 Political Science/Pre-Law
Shauna Cottrell, Toledo Sr./Sr. 3.49 Biology
Sara Davidson, Toledo Sr./Sr. 3.26 Exercise Science
Alissa Delong, Toledo So./So. 3.17 Exercise Science
Elise Donovan, Toledo Jr./Jr. 3.29 Exercise Science
Laura Grode, Toledo So./So. 3.71 Pre-Pharmacy
Jennifer Hoffman, Toledo So./So. 3.42 Chemical Engineering
Caitlin Hughes, Toledo Jr./Jr. 3.33 Individual Program
Jennifer Ridler, Toledo So./So. 3.51 Exercise Science
Jessica Stowe, Toledo So./So. 3.69 Pre-Nursing
Libby Welfare, Toledo So./So. 3.64 Pre-Med
Brandi Buschhausenk, Western Michigan Jr./Jr. 3.43 Advertising & Promotion
Shawn Chipelewski, Western Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.57 Management
Mary Gignac, Western Michigan So./So. 3.44 Pre-Communication
Erin Ivory, Western Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.18 Biology
Gretchen Markey, Western Michigan Jr./Jr. 3.34 Pre-Occupational Therapy
Alison McClellend, Western Michigan Jr./Jr. 3.04 Exercise Science
Megan Ramey, Western Michigan Jr./Jr. 3.81 Psychology
Melissa Rucker, Western Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.14 Special Education
Amber Scyphers, Western Michigan So./So. 3.39 University Curriculum
Kelly Thack, Western Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.10 Marketing
Jennifer Wiles, Western Michigan So./So. 3.10 Special Education