2000 MAC Football Honor Roll Announced

Updated 11/28/2000

CLEVELAND, Ohio - The Mid-American Conference announced the 2000 MAC Football Honor Roll today. Student-athletes must obtain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher and earn a letter for the current season to be eligible for the honor. Freshmen and transfers are not eligible as student-athletes must have attended that institution for an entire year.

2000 Football MAC Honor Roll:

Name, School Cl./El. GPA Major
Jud Cummins, Akron So./Fr. 3.68 Business Administration
Zac Derr, Akron Sr./Jr. 3.92 Emergency Management
Bob Hendry , Akron So./Fr. 3.18 Business
Shawn Klik, Akron Sr./Sr. 3.04 Sports Medicine
Ed March, Akron Sr./Jr. 3.04 Electronic Engineering Technology
Rich Reliford, Akron Sr./Sr. 3.03 Mechanical & Polymer Engineering
Tim Ritley, Akron Sr./Jr. 3.38 Information Systems Management
Ben Ruhlin, Akron Sr./Sr. 3.09 Business And Organizational Communications
Bryan Shaw, Akron So./Fr. 3.23 Electrical Engineering
Jesse Smith, Akron So./Fr. 3.64 Undeclared
Bates Szakos, Akron So./Fr. 3.15 Surveying/Construction Engineering
Jacob Thompson, Akron Sr./Sr. 3.06 Elementary Education/History
Jason Wiggins, Akron Sr./Sr. 3.32 Mechanical Engineering
Matt Zuercher, Akron Jr./Jr. 3.72 Secondary Education
Thomas Pucke, Ball State Jr./Jr. 4.00 Pre-Medicine
Allen Lidy, Ball State Sr./Sr. 3.50 English
Timothy Streit, Ball State So./So. 3.50 Business
Anthony Delangel, Ball State Jr./Jr. 3.30 Exercise Science
John Moore, Ball State Sr./Sr. 3.20 Criminal Justice
Jeff Thiel, Ball State Sr./Sr. 3.20 Pre-Medicine
Scott Volk, Ball State So./So. 3.10 Business
Shaka Johnson, Ball State Sr./Sr. 3.00 Accounting
Brian Conn, Ball State Sr./Sr. 3.00 Social Studies
Doug Nelson, Ball State Sr./Sr. 3.00 Physical Education
Travis Barclay, Ball State So./So. 3.90 Physics
Wayne Washington, Ball State So./So. 3.10 Business
Jason Van Dam, Bowling Green So./Fr. 3.78 Business Pre-Law
Chris Haneline, Bowling Green So./So. 3.20 Criminal Justice
Pat Fleming, Bowling Green So./So. 3.26 Sport Management
Rob Fehrman, Bowling Green Sr./Sr. 3.10 Communication Disorders
Eric Curl, Bowling Green Sr./Sr. 3.44 Social Studies
Ryan Diepenbrock, Bowling Green Sr./Sr. 3.42 Biology
Ricky Schneider, Bowling Green Sr./Sr. 3.13 Interpersonal Communication
Ken Dobbs, Bowling Green Sr./Sr. 3.13 Production & Operatioins Mgmt.
Craig Jarrett, Bowling Green So./Fr. 4.00 Biology
Mike Knapp, Bowling Green Sr./Jr. 3.24 Sport Management
Andy Avery, Buffalo So./Fr. 3.59 Psychology
Marquis Dwarte, Buffalo So./Fr. 3.24 Psychology
Andre Forde, Buffalo So./So. 3.34 Business Administration
Ron Gannello, Buffalo Jr./Jr. 3.20 History
Mike Gaydosz, Buffalo Jr./Jr. 3.13 Management
Alex Lazo, Buffalo So./So. 3.55 Finance
Jeff Mills, Buffalo So./Fr. 3.66 Math/Economics
David Pruce, Buffalo Sr./Sr. 3.53 Political Science
Brandon Shaughnessy, Buffalo Sr./Sr. 3.24 History
Jason Smalarz, Buffalo So./Fr. 3.36 Finance
Kevin Barry, Central Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.01 Industrial Education
Brian Brand, Central Michigan So./Fr. 3.54 Undeclared
Matthew Brayton, Central Michigan So./Jr. 3.17 Ind. Tech. Mgt.
Paul Brieger, Central Michigan Jr./So. 3.16 Business
Kyle Croskey, Central Michigan So./So. 3.68 Industrial Education
Tedaro France, Central Michigan Sr./Jr. 3.13 Sports Studies
Anders Hill, Central Michigan Sr./Jr. 3.24 Biology
Casey Laughlin, Central Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.16 MBA Grad Prog
Brian Leigeb, Central Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.00 Mech. Eng. Tech.
Derek McLaughlin, Central Michigan So./Fr. 3.53 Undeclared
Zach Poff, Central Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.40 Recreation
Marvin Smith, Central Michigan So./So. 3.56 Biology
Kyle Tafelski, Central Michigan So./Fr. 3.53 Undeclared
Robert Turner, Central Michigan So./So. 3.95 Business
James Westrich, Central Michigan So./Jr. 3.14 Physical Education
Cory Annett, Eastern Michigan Jr./Jr. 3.78 Exercise Science
Richard Chorak, Eastern Michigan Sr./Jr. 3.00 Criminal Justice
Kenny Christian, Eastern Michigan Sr./Jr. 3.04 Criminal Justice
Walter Church, Eastern Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.75 Math
Elliott Daniels,, Eastern Michigan Jr./So. 3.75 Business Administration
John Grabowski, Eastern Michigan Sr./Jr. 3.22 Marketing
Brandon Lewis, Eastern Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.81 International Management
Josh Martin, Eastern Michigan So./Fr. 3.71 Undeclared
Michael Salvatori, Eastern Michigan So./Fr. 3.41 Undeclared
Toller Starnes, Eastern Michigan Jr./Jr. 3.54 Undeclared
Kevin Zureki, Eastern Michigan So./Fr. 3.30 Undeclared
Jacon Avery, Kent State So./So. 3.16 Criminal Justice
Scott Booker, Kent State So./So. 3.24 Biology
Neil Buckosh, Kent State So./Fr. 3.59 Physical Education
Adam Fredrick, Kent State So./Fr. 3.61 Pre-Business
Justin Gatten, Kent State Jr./So. 3.41 Finance
Brian Hallett, Kent State Jr./Jr. 3.73 Industrial Technology
Jason Holy, Kent State Sr./Sr. 3.49 Social Studies Teaching Comprehensive
Kevin Jamison, Kent State Jr./So. 3.60 Biology
Jeff Jensen, Kent State So./Fr. 3.47 Inductrial Technology
Jeremy Keagle, Kent State Sr./Jr. 3.27 Marketing
Jeff Krysiak, Kent State Sr./Sr. 3.28 Criminal Justice
Aaron Mayer, Kent State Sr./Jr. 3.58 Technology Education
Maurio Medley, Kent State So./Fr. 4.00 Biology
Daryl Moore, Kent State So./Fr. 3.06 Pre-Business
John Nurczyk, Kent State Jr./So. 3.38 Physical Education
Lance Rudzinski, Kent State So./Fr. 3.07 Criminal Justice
Mike Smith, Kent State Sr./Sr. 3.16 Technology
Steve Smith, Kent State So./Fr. 3.36 Technology
Zach Williams, Kent State Sr./Sr. 3.07 Physical Education
Cory Zwick, Kent State Sr./Sr. 3.59 Computer Information Services
TC Beaver, Marshall Jr./Jr. 3.07 Sports Management & Marketing
Corley Dennison, Marshall So./So. 3.47 Political Science
Steven Galbraith, Marshall So./So. 3.01 Marketing
Paul Hardy, Marshall So./So. 3.00 Radio/TV
Scott Harper, Marshall Sr./Sr. 3.12 Law Enforcement/Corrections
Curtis Head, Marshall So./So. 3.65 PE 5-12
John Jenkins, Marshall Sr./Sr. 3.23 Accounting
Joshua Lohri, Marshall Jr./Jr. 3.85 Biological Science
Chris Massey, Marshall Jr./Jr. 3.32 Law Enforcement/Corrections
Jimmy Parker, Marshall Sr./Sr. 3.32 Law Enforcement/Corrections
Scott Pettit, Marshall Jr./Jr. 4.00 Bio. Science 9-12
Chuck Spearman, Marshall So./Fr. 3.03 PE 5-12
Franklin Wallace, Marshall So./So. 3.28 Sports Management & Marketing
Andy Brumbergs, Miami Jr./So. 3.79 Accountancy
Cortt Cousino, Miami Jr./So. 3.67 Finance and Management Information Systems
Chad Huelsman, Miami Sr./Jr. 3.24 Biological Science
Kurt Mester, Miami Jr./So. 3.11 Marketing
Bob Petrovic, Miami Sr./Jr. 3.06 Finance
Brian Potter, Miami Sr./Sr. 3.50 Finance
Scott Sagehorn, Miami So./So. 3.06 Business
John Schacke, Miami Sr./Sr. 3.19 Political Science
Justin Smith, Miami Jr./So. 3.11 Business Economics
Eddie Tillitz, Miami Jr./So. 3.54 Zoology
Joe Busald, Northern Illinois So./So. 3.10 Business
Ryan Diem, Northern Illinois Sr./Sr. 3.22 Mechanical Engineering
Matt Dunker, Northern Illinois So./So. 3.37 Mathematics Education
P.J. Fleck, Northern Illinois So./So. 3.00 Elementary Education
Thomas Hammock, Northern Illinois So./So. 3.36 Marketing
Lewis Miskowicz, Northern Illinois Sr./Sr. 3.27 Chemistry Secondary Education
Joey Reed, Northern Illinois Jr./Jr. 3.06 Business
Alan Rood, Northern Illinois Jr./Jr. 3.06 Health Education
Tim Vincent, Northern Illinois So./So. 3.16 Liberal Arts & Sciences
Mike Fox, Ohio Sr./Jr. 3.34 Mathematics Education
Chris Knaack, Ohio Sr./Jr. 3.47 Electrical Engineering
Joe Mohler, Ohio Jr./So. 3.25 Chemistry/Pre-Dentistry
Shawn Murphy, Ohio Sr./Jr. 3.06 Business
Joe Sherrill, Ohio Jr./So. 3.21 Microbiology
Tom Weilbacher, Ohio Jr./Jr. 3.07 Education
Dave Zastudil, Ohio Sr./Jr. 3.04 Marketing/Finance
Andy Boyd, Toledo Jr./Jr. 3.05 Environmental Science
Matt Comer, Toledo Jr./Jr. 3.37 Information Systems/Operation Management
Tim Dirksen, Toledo So./Fr. 3.05 Multi-Aged Education
Todd France, Toledo Jr./Jr. 3.97 Mechanical Engineering
David Gardner, Toledo So./So. 3.27 Accounting
Lyle Green, Toledo Sr./Sr. 3.01 Management
Jim Harding, Toledo Sr./Sr. 3.16 Education/Mathematics
Marcus Hill, Toledo Sr./Sr. 3.42 Marketing
Erik Kost, Toledo Sr./Sr. 3.31 Information Systems/Operation Management
John Manly, Toledo So./So. 3.46 Undecided
Frank Ofili, Toledo So./Fr. 3.70 Mechanical Engineering
Mike Schaefer, Toledo Sr./Sr. 3.32 Physical Education
Jason Spiece, Toledo Jr./Jr. 3.08 Management
Chris Tuminello, Toledo So./So. 3.85 Civil Engineering
Brank Bosworth, Western Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.51 Biomedical Science
Larry Charleston, Western Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.44 Biomedical Science
Blair Edlund, Western Michigan Sr./Jr. 3.67 Finance
Jon Garcia, Western Michigan So./Fr. 3.07 Elementary Education
Jake Gasaway, Western Michigan Jr./So. 3.36 Marketing
Colin Greczek, Western Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.00 Management
Darnell Jennings, Western Michigan Sr./Jr. 3.31 Integrated Supply Management
Paul Lambert, Western Michigan Gr./Sr. 3.25 M.BA
C.R. Moultry, Western Michigan So./Fr. 3.41 Exercise Science
Jared Pike, Western Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.10 Marketing
Scott Selzer, Western Michigan Sr./Sr. 3.10 Elementary Education
Chad Sherman, Western Michigan Jr./So. 3.04 Computer Information Systems
Carlos Smith, Western Michigan Jr./Jr. 3.23 Marketing
Jeff Westgate, Western Michigan Jr./So. 3.06 Aviation
Jason Feldpausch, Western Michigan So./Fr. 3.17 Pre-Business